Climate Change and Energy Management

Climate change impacts global ecosystems and human lifestyles. The "TSMC CSR Policy" and "TSMC Environmental Policy" approved by the Chairman Morris Chang declare that responding to climate change is one of our most important responsibilities and strategies. We continuously monitor global climate change, international and governmental response trends, with regular reviews by the CSR Chairperson, and reports are made to the TSMC Board of Directors annually.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Mitigation
    Raise manufacturing energy efficiency, actively adopt renewable energy sources, reduce process greenhouse gas emissions
  • Adaption
    Build up operational resilience to extreme weather impacts
  • External cooperation
    Communicate with governments to legislate feasible regulations. Collaborate with industry, government and academia to lead the industry and value chain to build up the abilities on climate change mitigation and adaption

Industry's First Uninterruptible Power Supply Energy Saving Mode

Industry's First Uninterruptible Power Supply Energy Saving Mode

All facility systems and process equipment are equipped with uninterruptible power systems to manage fluctuations in power. However, in order to protect against power dips, UPS systems must be charged 24 hours a day through the rectifier to store energy, and then through the inverter to supply power. This causes additional energy consumption 5% above normal operations...

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TSMC Certified Green Building Area and Green Factory Certifications are No.1 in Taiwan

TSMC Certified Green Building Area and Green Factory Certifications are No.1 in Taiwan

TSMC continues to build environmentally-friendly fabs to reduce energy and water consumption. Since 2006, all new manufacturing facilities and offices in TSMC have been designed, built and certified according to the U.S. Green Building Council's "Leadership in Energy and Environment Design" (LEED) rating system, and Taiwan's "Ecology, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction, and Health" (EEWH) rating system...

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Carbon Management

In order to cope with the global climate change and the R.O.C. "Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act", TSMC initiated a cross-functional platform for corporate carbon management. The three focuses of this platform are legal compliance, carbon emission reduction, and carbon credit acquisition. TSMC also sets "Energy and Carbon Reduction Committee" let by VPs of Operations to strengthen climate mitigation and adaption.

Energy Saving & CO2 Reduction

TSMC has established intelligent management systems to control power use and reduce standby power consumption. In addition, we replaced inefficient components and optimized equipment energy consumption. TSMC's annual energy-saving plan in 2016 included 61 measures across five categories, reducing consumption by 91GWh, eliminating 48,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission.
TSMC has made continuous improvement in energy saving and carbon reduction. All improvement experience is applied as the best available technology to reach maximum energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information, please read TSMC 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Green Manufacturing - Climate Change and Energy Management

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