Human Rights

TSMC adheres to its core values and complies with international standards and principles. We promulgated "Human Rights Policy" to ensure our employees' human rights. TSMC also strives to create harmonious employee relations and a high-involvement working environment to make sure that its own code of conduct is consistent with and no less stringent than the EICC Code of Conduct.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Provide a good working environment and protect employees' human rights. There is no need to form labor union to protect employees' rights
  • Implement Labor Law and the principle of Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition, to ensure employees work under reasonable working hours

Human Rights Concerns and Practices

As the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, TSMC's Human Resources are guided by the Company's core value - Integrity, Commitment, Innovation and Customer Trust. All the practices are complied with internal regulations. TSMC is committed to ensuring that working conditions in its facilities are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operations are conducted ethically.
Item Practices
Provide a Safe and Healthy Work Environment
  • Sets "zero accident" as safety and health goal
  • Adopts strict safety and health management procedures, maintains stringent standards for facility and hardware operations
  • Promotes continuous improvement programs
Eliminate Unlawful Discrimination to Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Adheres firmly to local regulations, internationally-recognized protocols and "TSMC Human Rights Policy", to implement internal regulations
  • Promotes and implement internal control procedures
  • According to the findings out of internal control, to conduct imperative adjustments
Abolish Child Labor
  • Complies with "TSMC Human Rights Policy", the Company amended and implemented "TSMC Candidate Interview Process Control Instruction". All resumes received are thoroughly checked to confirm that the applicants are over the age of 18; in addition identification documents of selected candidates are checked to ensure that they meet the minimum age requirement before hiring.
Eliminate Forced Labor
  • Adheres firmly to local regulations, internationally-recognized protocols and "TSMC Human Right Policy", the Company have never forced involuntary labor from any person with menace of any penalty.
Support the Physical and Psychological Well-being of Employees; Ensure the Balance Between Work and Personal Life
  • Conduct individual and group management by analysis of health examinations and occupational factors to prevent potential health risks
  • Provide health promotion activities and employee assistance programs based on employee's needs to help them implement a healthy life style
  • Provide diverse activities, such as arts, culture, sports, family participation and parent-child interactions. Broaden employees' personal network by participating in clubs, which enrich employees' alternatives in work and life balance
  • Provide preschool service and child education consulting service, to support employee family caring

Risk Assessment

Every year, TSMC makes use of a standardized risk assessment template called the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) developed by the EICC to identify the highest social, environmental and ethical risks in its operations. TSMC also executes VAP (Validated Audit Process) audits for all its facilities starting 2016. The audit reports are published transparently such that TSMC's customers can easily access them.

Risk Assessment in 2016

SAQ (Full score is 100) Low Risk (≥85) Medium Risk (≥65 & <85) High Risk (<65)
VAP (Full score is 200) Complete Scheduled
Entity SAQ Score VAP Score
Taiwan Corporate 95.3
Fab 2 93.8 Scheduled: 1Q17
Fab 3 94 200
Fab 5 93.8 Scheduled: 1Q17
Fab 6 93.5 200
Fab 8 93.7 200
Fab 12A 93.8 193.3
Fab 12B 93.8 Scheduled: 2Q17
Fab 14A 93.5 182.4
Fab 14B 93.5 Scheduled: 2Q17
Fab 15A 93.8 200
Advanced Backend Fab 1 95.2 Scheduled: 3Q17
Advanced Backend Fab 2 94.9 Scheduled: 3Q17
Advanced Backend Fab 3 95 Scheduled: 4Q17
China Fab 10 95.3 Scheduled: 1Q17
U.S. WaferTech 91.3 Scheduled: 2Q17

For more information, please read TSMC 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Inclusive Workplace - Human Rights

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