Product Quality

TSMC aims to provide customers with the highest-quality wafers and best services for their products. With collaboration among Quality and Reliability (Q&R) and other organizations, TSMC strives to achieve "quality on demand" to fulfill customers' needs for time-to-market delivery, reliable quality, and market competitiveness over a broad range of products.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Complete qualification of leading technologies and specialty technologies in the design and development stage according to the technology roadmap
  • Enhance corporate quality culture with continual improvement activities

Corporate Quality Culture Enhancement

Corporate Quality Culture Enhancement

To enhance corporate quality culture with continual improvements on product quality, production efficiency and cost reduction, TSMC fully promoted the "Suggestion" in basic level and the activities of "Continual Improvement Team (CIT)". TSMC also held a corporate-level "Total Quality Excellence and Innovation conference"...

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Corporate Quality Culture Enhancement

In TSMC, quality is the basis for work and service provision. All employees are dedicated to build quality into all aspects of our business. We expect to provide a cross-department communication and study platform with "Suggestion" and "Continual Improvement Team (CIT)" programs. It aims to enhance employees' problem solving and innovation capabilities for achieving the win-win goal of TSMC's competitiveness and customer satisfaction. In 2016, the benefits from these improvement cases were NT$14.1 billion.

For more information, please read TSMC 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Innovation and Service - Product Quality

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