Corporate Quality Culture Enhancement

To enhance corporate quality culture with continual improvements on product quality, production efficiency and cost reduction, TSMC fully promoted the "Suggestion" in basic level and the activities of "Continual Improvement Team (CIT)". TSMC also held a corporate-level "Total Quality Excellence and Innovation conference". In 2016, there were 42,886 suggestions issued at the grass roots level, and a total of 1996 continual improvement team activities were registered and implemented. Among them, 45% of continual improvement team activities focused on product quality enhancement.

Examples for Process Quality Improvement Cases In 2016

Process Quality Improvement Cases Benefit
To Improve the Thin Film Resistance in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Process 16 X
Enhanced 16x device stability
To Improve the Ion Implantation Process 60 %
Enhanced product yield 60%
To Improve CMOS Image Sensor Product Structure and Process 13.5 %
Enhanced product yield 13.5%
To Improve the Chamber Sidewall Falling Particles in Furnace Process 4 %
Enhanced product yield 4%
To Improve the Equipment Component and Slurry in CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) Process 1.7 %
Enhanced product yield 1.7%
To Improve the Methods in Lithography and Etching Processes 97 %
Reduced the reliability defects 97%