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Bilingual Environment to Ease the Language Barrier

Most of our local employees are capable of English communication in both written and oral forms; with the increased number of employees hired from overseas countries, we continue to strive for providing a friendly work environment with less resistance resulted from language barrier. For example, our corporate intranet is available in both Chinese and English, while most of our signs are presented bilingually in Chinese and English. One can always find the support from a fellow employee who speaks fluent English should the person need to address a more complicated matter.

Moreover, overseas-hired employees can enjoy 100 hours of free Mandarin Chinese training, which is designed to meet their needs for communication in Taiwan and to enhance their interpersonal relationship. For employees attending more than 100 hours of classes, we subsidize 50% of the tuition fees for those with attendance rate above 80%, and the final results above 80 points of score.

A Healthy Workplace with Better Meal Options

Our cafeteria at each fab provides comfortable environment with a great diversity of dining options. Our employees can enjoy a variety of cuisines in the food court with menus for Taiwanese, Southeast Asian, western and Japanese gourmet. We also provide healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffets, offering an abundance of dishes for our employees to choose from. Moreover, we continue to reinforce the concept of nutritional balance with campaigns such as “Calorie Diary” to provide guidance on healthy diet.

Around-the-Corner Daily Conveniences

Convenient employee services include bakery, 24-hour convenience store, and weekly on-site services such as laundry, banking, telecommunications, insurance, etc. are available at each fab to cater for employees’ needs. Moreover, one can always relish a delightful coffee break at our juice bar or coffee shop in each fab.

On-site gyms are available in most fabs for employees who enjoy jogging on the treadmills, riding on the bikes, and using other sports facilities. Apart from these standard facilities, our Sports Center is built with a 25-meter heated indoor swimming pool, a massage pool and a sauna. A variety of fitness classes can be found in both on-site gyms and the Sports Center.

24-hour nursing assistance is available in the Wellness Centers; drop-in clinic and dental service are also available in selected fabs. In addition to annual health examination for all employees, a series of health promotion events, such as abdominal ultrasound checkup are conducted on an irregular basis. Other wellness facilities and programs include Employee Assistance Programs, mother’s room and massage room, etc.

Enjoy a Balanced Life via Shared Interests

Our Employee Welfare Committee provides a platform for employees who have similar interests to form or attend clubs. Through this channel, our employees can cultivate interests after work, and gain opportunities to develop relationships with one another. Family is also an integral part of our interpersonal network. We regularly hold many parent-child activities which our employees enjoy to take part in. Employees can balance their family life and expand their social networks through these activities. For example, in 2013, we held our annual Family Day in three popular amusement parks in the areas where we operate with many of our overseas-hired employees and their families enjoying a good time on the day.

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We take our employees’ sense of satisfaction seriously. Join us and enjoy being taken care of, the professional way!

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