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Convenient Urban Life

We are headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park in the northern part of Taiwan. Hsinchu Science Park is known as the Silicon Valley of Taiwan, though more compact than the Silicon Valley in California, the two areas share similar infrastructure, offering a convenient living environment with the city center close by.

Geographically, Hsichu Science Park is located in the outskirt of Hsinchu, and most of our employees living in Hsinchu or nearby area can easily commute to work within 30 minutes.

Our Company functions comprehensively in Hsinchu Science Park, with most of the global talents recruited working in this location. Apart from our headquarter and fabs in Hsinchu, we also have presence in Central Taiwan Science Park in Taichung and Southern Taiwan Science Park in Tainan, respectively. Like Hsinchu, this two cities offer convenient living environments for their residents.

Mandarin Chinese is the official language while English as a second language constitutes a major part of our education. In addition, a notable portion of the senior generations also speak Japanese as a result of the 50-year occupation by Japan (1895-1945).

The crime rate is low and on the decrease (OSAC, 2012); all in all, Taiwan offers a safe and friendly environment for foreigners.

Premium Healthcare System

Taiwan’s national healthcare system, National Health Insurance (NHI), is recognized by WHO as one of the top five healthcare systems in the world, along with Switzerland, France, Italy, and Australia. The healthcare system in Taiwan takes pride of four major advantages, including high quality services, affordability, state-of-the-art facilities, and an abundance of professional medical teams.

In comparison to US average, the cost for medical treatment is substantially inexpensive in Taiwan. For example, co-pay for a doctor’s visit ranges between US$5 to US$15 in Taiwan, while surgical charges costs one-fifth or less of that in the US. Moreover, the cost for orthodonic treatment, dental implants, laser eye surgery and assisted reproduction are usually half or less than US average price. Additionally, one pays less than one-fifth of the US charge for a comprehensive physical exam, including panendoscopy, colofiberscopy, and cancer screen, etc.

Extensive Transportation Network

Convenient direct links to major cities worldwide via the airway are available in the three international airports, with two locating in North Taiwan and one in South Taiwan.

For those who prefer public transportation, the Railway and High Speed Rail systems connect most of the cities and townships around the island. For shorter trips within the city area, one can choose to travel with buses or taxis with a fairly reasonable fare. Moreover, Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) services are also available in Taipei and Kaohsiung, the two largest cities in Taiwan.

Authentic Cuisine of Various Sorts

Gourmet food plays an integral part in the everyday life of Taiwanese. No matter you are looking for a traditional Chinese feast, a four-course French cuisine, or simply a late-night bite, you can find your request fulfilled by the variety of options offered by a large number of restaurants and food stands available.

Food is a great start point in understanding Taiwanese culture; we are like a big melting pot for many culinary traditions originated from mainland China. Apart from traditional Chinese cuisine, the authenticity of restaurants offering foreign flavors can often strike a chord for those missing the original flavor of their home countries.

Liberty in Choices of Religions

Taiwan has a tolerant atmosphere of religions with a diversity of religious beliefs on the island. Whether you practice Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, Catholics, Protestant, Mormonism, Islam or Hinduism, you will be able to find a community available. In addition, Taiwanese people respect each person’s religious beliefs and there is rarely any tension between different religions in Taiwan.

The traditional religions in Taiwan host numerous activities around the year, offering interesting and memorable experiences for those who take part in them. Such celebrations include Ma Tzu’s birthday, the Goddess of sailors and fishermen. In the celebration there will be a 9 days’ long parade, numerous folk dances, traditional music performance and big feasts.

Festivals, Seasonal Activities and More

People in Taiwan celebrate three major holidays, including Chinese (Lunar) New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival. Grand celebration activities can be observed all around Taiwan during these holidays. Spectacles of splendid fireworks are presented in other major holidays such as New Year’s Eve, and National Day, etc.

Summers, which usually last from May through September, are hot and humid with average daytime highs from 27˚C to 35˚C (81˚F to 95˚F). Popular outdoor activities during summertime in Taiwan include swimming, surfing, and other beachside activities.

Winters, normally from December through February, are short and mild with average lows from 12˚C to 16˚C (54˚F to 61˚F), though during rainy spells temperatures can feel cooler. In wintertime, people in Taiwan enjoy spending a soothing time in the hot springs.

Taiwan is famous for its unique landscapes of towering mountains and beautiful sceneries. For those who enjoy spending the leisure time outdoors, climbing the mountains or riding bicycles are popular activities that can be enjoyed all-year-round with people of shared interests.

For others who prefer indoor activities, an abundance of movie theaters, exhibition galleries, grand department stores, nice restaurants and cafes can be found in cities all around the island to fulfill their desire of an urban lifestyle.

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