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Comprehensive Relocation and Networking Support

To cope with the different needs of our diverse employee groups, we offer a variety of caring programs. With more and more international talents joining our Company, we have rolled out a customized communication and caring program that aims to reduce the stress of moving from a foreign country to Taiwan, as well as to shorten the time needed in adjusting to a new environment. In turn, these efforts encourage our overseas-hired employees to stay with us.

A dedicated team is in place to support our overseas-hired employees in applying for visa and other related documents. For those who need to buy or rent a place, we provide supports in connecting them with English-speaking housing agents. We have also a list of English-speaking doctors in hand that we can refer our employees to.

Moreover, in order to strengthen the rapport and network of our overseas-hired employees and their family, we have a variety of regular activities such as “spouse gathering” for spouses to meet one another, meet-and-greet “small group gathering” for new overseas-hired employees, as well as “coffee talk”, with which we invite veteran overseas-hired employees to share their experiences to inspire the newcomers. Last but not least, our “Global Family Day” serves as a great networking opportunity for all overseas-hired employees and their family to get together. The event incorporates Taiwan’s culture, gourmet; it is both fun and informative. Whether it is an outdoor activity or gala dinner, a great time can always be expected.

(1) The annual Global Family Day provides a great occasion to reinforce the networking among our employees and their families
(2) Cultural events are arranged to allow the international talents to learn more about uniqueness of Taiwan

Diversified Workforce with Innovation in Mind

We value the diversity of our employees. In addition to hiring talents locally, we also proactively recruit talents around the world. Innovation is an integral part of our core values, and we encourage our employees to make valuable innovations because it is the wellspring of our growth.

To attract, retain and develop the right people that share the same vision and core values with us have always been the focus of our efforts. With our unceasing efforts, our employees can bring all their potential into full play in the right position, which contributes to a win-win situation for both our Company and employees.

Career Advancement and Sense of Achievement

Every employee here has his or her own Individual Development Plan (IDP). Based on organizational needs and employees’ career interests, we provide abundant on-the-job trainings and diverse learning opportunities to facilitate employees’ growth and career fulfillment.

Throughout the career path, employees have the opportunity to undertake assignments to work with and learn from colleagues from different divisions. Moreover, by rotating and training under different divisions, we equip our employees with diverse experience and learning opportunities. In addition, employees have golden opportunities for overseas assignment to gain global experience and develop potential.

Our Company is the place where talents from all around the world work hand-in-hand to continuously make innovations and reinforce the advancement of the semiconductor industry.

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We offer an environment for talents from around the world to work together and make innovations. Join us and fulfill your dreams!

Explore your career opportunities at TSMC! Email your resume in Word or PDF format to tsmchr@tsmc.com

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