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TSMC Outstanding Student Research Award    
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TSMC Outstanding Student Research Award
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6th TSMC Outstanding Student Research Award
TSMC Academy established Outstanding Student Research Award since 2006 to inspire and recognize outstanding semiconductor related research works carried out by graduate students. Every year our award committee received overwhelming applications from students all over the world. The announcement is released around each April to May. Contact us for more details.

General areas of interest are in Three categories as follows:

Category I: Circuit Design Technologies
This area covers the broad scope of circuit design, including digital, analog, RF, power electronics, 3D IC, and designs for solid state lighting applications.
Category II: Electronic Device, Process and Patterning Technologies
This area includes a wide range of electronic device structures, including Si CMOS, TSV, sensors, memory technologies, TCAD, MEMS, and light emitting devices. Also accepted are processing techniques for the manufacturing of electronic and light emitting devices.
Category III: Physics and Chemistry of Electronic Materials
This area covers the whole range of materials used in the manufacturing of nano-scale electronics devices and solid state lighting package applications.

List of winners of the 6th OSR Award
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