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We are dedicated to maintaining constructive and harmonious employee relationships and creating a highly engaged work environment; this is our commitment to employees, and in return, our employees are highly committed and loyal towards our company. These positive factors all generate productivity and better performance.

Reinforcing Employees' Sense of Belonging

Our employees share common vision and values, and thus can work toward the same goals. We hold the "Sports Day" event every year to reinforce employees' cohesion and the spirit of teamwork. Our employees interact and cooperate with one another through a variety of sports competitions. More than 36,000 of our employees and family members attended Sports Day in 2015.

TSMC holds regular activities to strengthen the rapport and personal networks of our overseas-hired employees and their families. In 2015, we continue to roll out "International Culture Day" campaign for overseas-hired employees to plan and hold events relevant to the culture of their home country. Under this campaign, a total of 3 events were held in 2015, including the "India Independence Day Festival," "India Diwali Festival" and "Japan Year-End Festival". This series of events underlines our company's continuous efforts in appreciating cultural differences, boosting employees' morale and encouraging team synergy. Taiwanese employees, at the same time, were able to learn more about diverse cultures and in turn understand better in how to work with them smoothly and with higher effectiveness.

Open Communication Channels, Unobstructed Employee Participation, Harmonious Labor Relations

TSMC values two-way communication and is committed to keeping open and transparent communication channels between the management level, subordinates, and peers. The comprehensive communication channels provided by our company are detailed in the following chart:

Internal Communication Structure
Click to Enlarge

To ensure that employees' opinions and voices are heard, and their issues are addressed effectively, impartial submission mechanisms, including quarterly labor-management communication meetings, are in place to provide timely support. Our continuous efforts lie in reinforcing mutual and timely employee communication, based on multiple channels and platforms, which in turn fosters harmonious labor relations and creates win-win scenarios for the Company and employees.

Core Values are the foundation of our Company. As part of our practice on "Integrity", we abide by the law and go above and beyond to act in accordance to the spirits of the law. With ‘commitment', we provide employees with meaningful jobs, safe working environment and competitive packages in compensation and benefits. With regards to Labor Union, TSMC respects employees' rights entitled by global labor standards and local regulations, including UN Global Compact's Ten Principles and Taiwan's Labor Union Act. In addition, as a member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), TSMC adopts EICC Code of Conduct and does not impede employees' freedom of association. The principle and regulation above not only align with TSMC's goal, but also provide practical standards and measurement for our implementation.

The relationship between our management level and employees has been harmonious over the years, thanks to our transparent and effective communication channels; though employees possess the right to form a labor union, no employees have pursued this avenue and issued a request to form one so far, underlying the achievement of the Company's dedication.

In addition, our company sets and promotes policies and measures to ensure gender equity, fostering a fair work environment for employees of both genders.

TSMC complies with the law and is committed to address employees concerns in a timely manner. As of the end of 2015, there have been no losses resulting from labor disputes.

Please refer to Chapter 6.3 Employee Engagement, 2015 CSR Report, for further details.

Your feedback on TSMC's progress is appreciated.

For more information or to provide feedback on our CSR strategy, please contact us at csr@tsmc.com.
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