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Customer Service and Satisfaction
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Customer Service

TSMC believes that providing superior service is critical to enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, which is very important to retaining existing customers, attracting new customers, and strengthening customer relationships. With a dedicated customer service team as the main contact window for coordination and facilitation, TSMC strives to provide world-class design support, mask making, wafer manufacturing, and backend services to achieve an optimum experience for customers and, in return, to gain customer trust and sustain company profitability.

To facilitate customer interaction and information access on a real-time basis, TSMC-Online offers a suite of web-based applications that provide an active role in design, engineering, and logistics collaborations. Customers have 24/7 access to critical information and customized reports. Design Collaboration focuses on content availability and accessibility, with close attention to complete, accurate, and current information at each level of the design life cycle. Engineering Collaboration includes online access to engineering lots, wafer yields, wafer acceptance test (WAT) analysis, and quality reliability data. Logistics Collaboration provides access to data on any given order status in wafer fabrication, backend process, and shipping.

Customer Confidential Information Protection

Customer trust has always been one of TSMC's core values. The trust between customers and TSMC is one of the major reasons that customers are willing to rely on TSMC for their wafer manufacturing. Thus, TSMC handle and protect customers' confidential information with the highest standard.

TSMC is committed to customer proprietary information protection in order to protect customers' interest. TSMC formulated「Proprietary Information Protection」(PIP) Policy, which defines the confidential information management procedures and handling guidelines. PIP promotion and training programs are regularly conducted and required to every TSMC employee in order to reinforce the awareness and capability of proprietary information classification and handling. Besides, TSMC also regularly conduct internal audit as well as annual refreshment training for all employees to ensure the compliance of PIP policy.

TSMC's daily operation workflow and system access privilege are based on the compliance of "Proprietary Information Protection" policy:

TSMC implement data access control mechanism on all systems. Only customers and authorized TSMC employees with job requirement are allowed to access customer confidential information.
TSMC continuously enhance web service security configuration with highest security standard, such as multi-step authentication and multi-layer firewalls, in order to protect customer confidential information.

Since 2008, TSMC has actively obtained ISO27001 certification related to information security every year and upgraded to ISO27001:2013 version in 2015.

Customer Satisfaction

To assess customer satisfaction and to ensure that our customer needs are appropriately understood, TSMC conducts the Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey (ACSS) with most active customers, either by web or interview through an independent consultancy.

Complementary to the survey, Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are also conducted by the customer service team so that customers can give feedback to TSMC on a regular basis. Through surveys, feedback reviews and intensive interaction with customers, TSMC is able to maintain close touch for better service and collaboration.

Customer feedback is routinely reviewed and considered by executives and then developed into appropriate improvement plans, all-in-all becoming an integral part of the customer satisfaction process with a complete closed loop. TSMC has maintained a focus on customer survey data not only to evaluate past performance but also as a base to identify future focus areas. TSMC acts on the belief that customer satisfaction leads to loyalty, and customer loyalty leads to higher levels of retention and expansion.

Your feedback on TSMC's progress is appreciated.

For more information or to provide feedback on our CSR strategy, please contact us at csr@tsmc.com.
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