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Productivity underscores the balance between our employees’ work and life. To maintain or reinforce employee productivity, physical and mental well-being is essential. Our company works proactively to build a healthy work environment via health promotion activities, assistance programs, and multi-dimensional practices.

TSMC Wellness centers at each fab provide 24-hour services and are staffed by professional doctors and nurses. The number of medical staff at our Wellness centers exceed regulatory requirements, supporting the Company’s multi-dimensional caring program and improving employees’ health more effectively. We offer on-site health examinations including general and special task to all employees each year. Employees who undertake special task were identified by site ISEP. The completion rate of special health examination was 100% in 2014.

Continuing the theme of "Infuse Lohas into Your Life", which was first introduced in 2012, we extended the campaign for the third year in a row in 2014. The campaigned kicked off with the "S-curve Challenge" and it continued to encourage employees to exercise regularly with our "Walk around Taiwan" activity. Furthermore, the "Heart Rate Variability" activity helps employees understand their stress levels and learn relaxation tips. All in all, 3,223 participants joined related activities.

Our company has cooperated with the Hsinchu Lifeline for a long time, and we work together to provide professional consultations on issues of family, relationship, marriage, legal and financial matters. The usage trend for these services in recent years indicates that we have created an atmosphere where our employees are willing to ask for help when they need it, and care for the people around them. Otherwise, we also set a team, a counseling psychologist and guidelines for employee assistance in workplace.

Our continuous efforts in enhancing the health of our employees with programs such as the "Weight Control Program" were recognized countrywide, earning awards from the Health Promotion Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2014.

Please refer to Chapter 6.4 Employees’ Physical and Mental Well-being, 2014 CSR Report, for further details.
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For more information or to provide feedback on our CSR strategy, please contact us at csr@tsmc.com.
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