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TSMC Green Building Introduction Video

Starting in 2006, TSMC committed to a policy of constructing all new manufacturing facilities and office buildings according to the most up-to-date green building standards. The standards are the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standard, and Taiwan’s Ecology, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction, and Health (EEWH) standard. The intention of this program is to achieve certification by national and international green building standards for all new fabs. From 2008 to 2013, 11 TSMC fabs and office buildings achieved LEED certifications. Meanwhile, six buildings were certificated under the Taiwan EEWH standard with "Diamond" class ratings.

TSMC Green Buildings Certifications
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TSMC initiated a green campus development policy at the end of 2010 to raise the efficiency of green buildings, optimize resource-sharing to reduce cost, eliminate unnecessary equipment and conserve resources, and to thrive alongside the natural environment through comprehensive site planning. TSMC plans to make Fab 12 in Hsinchu, Fab 15 in Taichung, and Fab 14 in Tainan into the company’s three main green campuses. TSMC is committed to a green manufacturing policy and environment protection.

Hsinchu Educational Green Campus Taichung Ecology Green Campus Tainan Life Green Campus

Promotion of Green Building Experiences –external visits

TSMC proactively shares its green building experiences and helps interested parties to shorten their learning curve. TSMC hosted visits by 47 groups totaling 1,739 people in 2013. More than 6,297 people have visited TSMC to learn about our green buildings as of end-2013.

Transmitting the Power of Knowledge: Publishing Books to Share Green Experience

TSMC collaborated with CommonWealth Publishing Company to publish two books on our green building experience in 2013: TSMC’s Green Power – 21 Critical Actions to Create Sustainable Competition and TSMC’s Green Action for High-Efficiency Green Facility Applications. The first book, TSMC’s Green Power, discusses Corporate Social Responsibility in sustainability. The second book, TSMC’s Green Action, aims to share TSMC’s green fab knowledge and experience. Simplified Chinese editions of these two books were published in China in 2014.
Your feedback on TSMC's progress is appreciated.

For more information or to provide feedback on our CSR strategy, please contact us at csr@tsmc.com.
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