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Stakeholder Management Objectives

TSMC applies a "Plan-Do-Check-Act" model to continuously improve social responsibility performance through continuous communication with stakeholders and invites them to participate in many of our activities. Our objectives for managing stakeholder concerns are as follows:

Fully understand stakeholders' concerns and continue to improve CSR-related performance.
Obtain stakeholders' trust and respect for TSMC.
Disclose TSMC's efforts and performance to maintain and enhance TSMC's reputation.

Stakeholder Management Procedure

TSMC's stakeholder management procedure is divided into four stages: identification, analysis, plan, and engagement.

Stakeholder Identification
TSMC defines stakeholders as the internal or external persons or organizations which can influence TSMC or be influenced by TSMC. According to this definition, we have identified that TSMC's stakeholders include employees, shareholders and investors, customers, suppliers, government, and society.

Analysis of Stakeholders' Topics of Concern
After identifying our stakeholders, we establish individual communication channels with each of them according to their influence and issues of concern. We communicate with stakeholders through multiple channels established by CSR-related units, and compile their economic, social and environmental concerns, and also consult the G4 sustainability reporting guidelines. In 2015, we have identified 25 topics of stakeholder concern, and have analyzed and prioritized them according to their level of concern and potential impact on the Company. Boundaries of these key topics have also been identified and included into key annual projects. Lastly, we classified the most material issues of concern following review and discussion by our CSR committee, then identified three major focuses for the Company's sustainable development. In descending order of priority, they are: "Upholding high standards of business ethics", "Reduction of environmental impact", and "Continuation of profitable growth".

Stakeholder-Related Projects
TSMC's CSR-related units incorporate the results of the analyses described above into their daily work, annual plans, or cross-functional projects as a key reference for the Company's sustainable development strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement and Measurement
TSMC and its stakeholders have differing levels of interactions according to priority so as to use company's resource efficiently and to create win-win relationships.

Materiality Analysis

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Three Major Focuses for Sustainable Development

"Upholding High Standards of Business Ethics", "Reduction of Environmental Impact ", and "Sustainable Profit Growth"are the three key focuses of the Company's sustainable development strategy. Their core values and impact on the Company's daily operations are stated as follows:

Upholding High Standards of Business Ethics
Corresponding Issues: Ethics Code / Customer Satisfaction / Customer Privacy

Integrity is TSMC's most important core value, and the keystone of our success for both past and future growth. Since we obey the law, oppose corruption, do not bribe, do not engage in cronyism, insist on transparency and business ethics, value corporate governance, and carry on positive competition, we earn customers' trust and this is why TSMC can distinguish itself from the competition.

TSMC insists on high standards of business ethics. At TSMC, customers come first. Their success is our success, and we value their ability to compete as we value our own. We strive to build deep and enduring relationships with our customers, who trust and rely on us to be part of their success over the long term. In order to support customer success, TSMC commits resources to become the trusted technology and capacity provider of the global logic IC industry for years to come. At the same time, serving as "everyone's foundry" has been a key part of our core strategy. We treat every customer fairly, offer the best service quality and fully carry out our Proprietary Information Protection (PIP) policy to protect customers' privacy and seek the best customer satisfaction. TSMC's efforts have earned customer trust, allowing TSMC to gain share in the semiconductor foundry market for six consecutive years. TSMC aims to increase market segment share each year over the next five years.

Reduction of Environmental Impact
Corresponding Issues: Water Resource Management / External Environmental Impact Assessment / Energy Management / Pollution Prevention/Green Products / Environmental Legal Compliance / Climate Change / / Supply Chain Management / Chemical Management

As the world's largest foundry company, TSMC recognizes that it is a corporation's undeniable responsibility to enable industry and the environment to flourish together. With mounting challenges from climate change, environmental sustainability has become a critical part of the Company's business strategy, and we continue to promote green fabs, green manufacturing and a green supply chain. TSMC pursues the highest consumption efficiency of energy, water, and other resources through innovative power-saving measures, and actively engages in waste reduction and pollution prevention to reduce energy and resource consumption as well as waste from unit production to minimize impact on the environment . Meanwhile, TSMC continues to migrate into new process technologies to facilitate the design and manufacture of customers' green products and reduce chip power consumption. We hope to lower environmental impact while at the same time enabling a faster and more convenient mobile lifestyle.

Continuation of Profitable Growth
Corresponding Issues: Future Growth / Customer Satisfaction / Innovation Management / Continuous Profit Growth

TSMC believes that sustainable profit growth is key to corporate sustainability and creating greater economic value for our stakeholders, including shareholders, is a fulfillment of our corporate social responsibility. TSMC has set clear strategic financial objectives (average ROE across cycle greater or equal to 20%; operating income compounded annual growth rate from 2014 to 2019 greater or equal to between 5% and 10%). With excellent operating efficiency and a trinity of strengths that include Technology Leadership, Manufacturing Excellence, and Customer Trust, TSMC can sustain profit growth and create long-term value.

Established in 1987, TSMC pioneered the foundry business model. For years, TSMC's growth has outperformed the overall semiconductor industry. We recognize that innovation is key to sustaining corporate growth, so we continue to invest in R&D for next-generation technologies and capacity to offer customers more advanced processes and the right capacity. TSMC maintains its leadership with excellent capability for innovation, achieving record revenue and profits with higher contribution from advanced technologies. We hope our excellent business performance can continue offering good returns to shareholders while promoting social and economic development.

Your feedback on TSMC's progress is appreciated.

For more information or to provide feedback on our CSR strategy, please contact us at csr@tsmc.com.
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