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TSMC's goal is to be a leading global company in water resource management. Our water resource management policy is to promote water savings to reduce water usage per unit production, and to promote collaboration between industries, government and academia to ensure that water shortages do not occur. Our strategy for reaching this goal is both to save water in daily operations and adapt to water shortages, and implement these measures both internally and in our supply chain. TSMC's daily water management is first to save water in the production process, followed by reclaiming and recycling. In addition, an effective real-time online water resource management platform helps TSMC significantly reduce water consumption.

TSMC's core water resource management activities are focused on:

Collaborating with the central government to evaluate the climate change risk of Taiwan's Science Parks, and to adopt measures reducing the impact extreme climate disaster, beginning with basic infrastructure.
Conducting water resource diversification gradually: To collaborate with government on sewage recycle programs and execute wastewater recycling & reuse projects.
Sharing TSMC's water saving experience to help other industries understand the importance of water resource risk and conduct water conservation together.
Promoting internal and supply chain water inventories, conserve water, and establish a water footprint.

Collaboration with Local Authorities in Water Resource Conservation

Since water resources are inherently local, TSMC shares its water-saving experiences with other semiconductor companies through the Association of Science Park Industries to promote water conservation. At the same time, TSMC collaborates with the Science Park Administration to discuss raw water allocation and emergency response plans for water shortages. TSMC has also successfully resolved many water quality issues, including wastewater ammonia nitrogen reduction. In addition, we continue to hold technical forums to discuss water reclamation and assist small facilities in the Science Park to perform good water resource management in order to achieve the Science Park's goals and ensure long-term balance of supply and demand.

Actively Sharing Experience with External Parties

In recent years, TSMC and the Water Resource Agency of the R.O.C. Ministry of Economic Affairs jointly held a Water Recycling & Saving Demonstration in TSMC fabs located in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan to share our experience and lead improvement in the water saving performance of Taiwan industries.

Proactively Identifying and Responding to Water Resource Risk

TSMC understands that climate change can cause flooding and drought. We took the following actions to respond to water resource risks.

Identified short-term and long-term water resource risks of the science parks in northern, central and southern Taiwan, where our fabs are located.
Developed and executed short-term and long-term water resource risk mitigation projects such as wastewater recycling.
Continuing to conserve water consumption in each fab.

Water Conservation – Reduction and Recycling

TSMC's facilities collect process water discharges through independent drainages, and reuse the water for the manufacturing process or secondary uses after treatment. These secondary uses, which do not come into human contact, include make-up water of cooling towers and wet scrubbers, cleaning water for sludge dewatering filters in wastewater treatment systems, and toilet water. Secondary uses of water are also optimized to reduce make-up water quantity. In order to fully utilize drainage after process, TSMC separates drain pipe into more than 20 categories based on their characteristics and more than 15 categories of treatment systems.

TSMC is a fast-growing company, and in addition to adopting a minimum process water recycling rate of 85%, we also select low water consumption process tools, implement process water drainage segregation, set up process water reclaimed systems in new factory construction, and continue promoting water saving measures after mass production. The purpose of these measures is to reduce our raw water demand.TSMC also cooperates with industry experts to implement new technology for water reuse.
Your feedback on TSMC's progress is appreciated.

For more information or to provide feedback on our CSR strategy, please contact us at csr@tsmc.com.
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