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Chairman Morris Chang:

Working hard is necessary; however, work is only a part of our life. We hope that employees can enjoy time with their family, exercise, social activities, and cultivate personal interests and hobbies.
Chairman Morris Chang encourages employees to work hard and enjoy a balanced life.

Following the goal of "50 working hours per week," our company continues to streamline the working process to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our employees, enabling them to spend more time with their family. Our Chairman Morris Chang encourages our employees to hold a balanced and healthy lifestyle, which includes family and social life, regular exercise, as well as personal hobbies and interests, in addition to work itself. With a balanced lifestyle, our employees are able to sustain both their physical and mental health. To ensure a balanced life for our employees, our company provides a variety of social and cultural activities as well as services and benefits to promote employee productivity, morale, and healthy family life.

Expanding Interpersonal Relationships

In 2015, a total of 22,393 employees have attended activities hosted by our 73 clubs, such as running, cycling, extreme sports, dance, aikido, calligraphy, cooking, Chinese music, and so on, translating to a 31% year-on-year growth.

Family is also part of our interpersonal network. We hold many regular parent-child activities and encourage our employees to participate. Employees can balance their family life and expand their social networks through these activities. In 2015, more than 37,000 employees and family members attended and enjoyed these activities.

Encouraging Appreciation for the Arts

We hold arts and culture events in our company, and encourage employees to attend them. In 2015, we held 4 concerts, 22 speeches, 38 plays for children, and 150 movie screenings. In addition to enjoying performances by popular artists, employees also enjoyed speeches on diverse topics such as current events, relationships, legal matters in everyday life, and inspirational stories.

In addition, our galleries display artworks regularly. They not only provide a beautiful and relaxing work environment, but also reinforce employees' appreciation for the world of art. In 2015, more than 2,000 works of art were displayed.

Flexible Leave Programs

Our company provides flexible leave programs which exceed the requirements of Taiwan's Labor Standards Act. Our employees are eligible for annual leave after completing 3 months of service. Furthermore, they are granted 120 hours fully-paid and 120 hours half-paid sick leave per year. To offer a workplace which is friendly to female employees and employees' spouses, our company also provides menstruation, maternity, prenatal examination and paternity leave programs. In addition to personal-affairs leave and homecare leave, granted based on the Labor Standards Acts, employees are entitled to 90 days of special personal leave with approval by authorized supervisors if they must attend to important personal affairs. Our employees can also apply for leaves of absence for reasons such as childcare, military service, and medical treatment for serious illness or injury. They can also apply to return to our company before the end date of his or her leave of absence.

Other Welfare Benefits

The TSMC Employee Welfare Committee provides other benefits, including financial assistance; subsidies for marriage, childbirth, and funerals; cash gifts for birthdays and major festivals; travel subsidies; as well as discounts provided by over 8,000 designated vendors and an online platform for shopping and exchanging information.

Please refer to Chapter 6.2 Encouraging a Balanced Life, 2015 CSR Report, for further details.

Your feedback on TSMC's progress is appreciated.

For more information or to provide feedback on our CSR strategy, please contact us at csr@tsmc.com.
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