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450mm Wafer Manufacturing Transition
As advanced technology continues to evolve, the geometry keeps shrinking and the need for tighter process control have become extremely challenging for manufacturing. TSMC’s unique manufacturing infrastructure is tailored with tightened process control and diversified product portfolio to fulfill higher product performance requirements. To achieve overall optimization of equipment, process and yield, the process control and analysis systems have been integrated with many intelligent functions to perform self-diagnosis and self-reacting, which have remarkable results in yield enhancement, workflow improvement, fault detection, cost reduction and R&D cycle decrement.

TSMC has developed Precise Fault Detection and Classification system, Intelligent Advanced Equipment Control and Intelligent Advanced Process Control to monitor the manufacturing process in a timely manner and adjust conditions precisely. To satisfy advanced and accurate process control and ensure highly efficient and effective production, the Company has created Precision Equipment Matching and Yield Mining to minimize process variation and potential yield loss. The Company has further developed Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence architecture to identify critical variables to optimize yield management and operating efficiency to fulfill customers’ special process requirements and to cope with diversified product demand simultaneously.

TSMC Board of Directors Proposes NT$8 Cash Dividend per Share(2018/02/13)
TSMC Announces Relief Plan for Hualien Earthquake Victims(2018/02/12)
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