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The TSMC CyberShuttle® prototyping service significantly reduces NRE costs by covering the widest technology range (from 0.5um to 28nm) and the most frequent launch schedule (up to 10 shuttles per month), all through the Foundry segment's most convenient on-line registration system. Since its inception in 1998, CyberShuttle® services have provided hundreds of multi-project wafers covering thousands of devices.

New design prototyping costs have increased with advances in semiconductor technology, creating an access barrier to next-generation technologies. CyberShuttle® services break the barrier by letting multiple designs share tooling costs through a multi-project mask set. Mask NRE costs are significantly reduced for both product prototyping and circuit characterization. CyberShuttle® services also validate the sub-circuit functionality and process compatibility of IP, standard cell libraries and I/Os.

The Results

Manages design risks
Slashes prototyping cost by up to 90%
Supports all popular state-of-the-art technologies
Offers flexible and convenient online services

If you are a TSMC customer, login to TSMC-Online™new window or contact your local TSMC representative for the latest CyberShuttle® schedule.

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