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TSMC-Online™ Service Guide emphasizes collaborative services in a clear intuitive structure.

A complete service portfolio presented in an integrated IC Development Cycle or Glossary Index View.

The Service Guide includes an overview, a list of benefits, a defined scope of services, and standard and optional services for each offering.

1. The IC development Cycle View categorizes all TSMC services according to the IC development cycle stages.
2. The Glossary Index View lists all TSMC services in alphabetical order.

View step-by-step instructions to start an engagement with TSMC.


Integrates more than 100 service items into 11 service categories
Creates a three-layer architecture to quickly locate required services
Provides in-depth information and an engagement flow to enhance communications
Provides a user-friendly design with three navigation features:
Single-click to any service, anywhere
A quick-tour to all clickable service flows

The Results

One stop access to service information that saves data search time
A convenient gateway to related service sites for details and operation
Better visibility and decision-making support
An auxiliary navigation aid to improve daily information access
Faster 'time-to-service' and greater ease of doing business

TSMC Reports Fourth Quarter EPS of NT$3.83(2018/01/18)
TSMC December 2017 Revenue Report(2018/01/10)
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