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Testing Services    
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TSMC began providing testing services in the late 1980's and, over time, has expanded its services to cover not only memory, logic and mixed-mode, but also today's RF and direct docking technologies. TSMC continues to invest in advanced ATE development and is continuously installing an advanced yield analysis infrastructure.

Program Development (e-Flash, e-OPT with TSMC IP)
Program Conversion to Other Platforms
Program Alpha Site Debug
Program Optimization
Program Correlation
Probe Card Design
Test Evaluation (low-cost, RF, MS, etc.)
Probing Technology (path option, contact evaluation, etc.)
Remote Testing
Test Time Reduction
Low Yield Analysis
Datalog Analysis (e.g. STDF format)
SBC/SBL (Statistical Bin Control/ Statistical Bin Limit)
6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch Wafer Probing
Laser Trimming
Off-line Inking or Inkless
UV Erase
Probe Card Solutions
Probe Card Maintenance

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