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Due to the complexity of IP/SoC design and challenges at advanced technology nodes, leveraging third-party IP is a popular strategy for SoC customers to expedite their product development. Consequently, it is imperative that the quality level of third-party IP is continuously elevated to maintain high confidence in these important design elements. In order to raise the confidence level of IP design quality, TSMC has created the IP Validation Center program which is an extension of TSMC9000, focusing on auditing IP designs via silicon test results at system level by performed in TSMC’s test laboratory. The IP Validation Center program is a physical test facility, staffed by TSMC personnel, to audit IP silicon test performance and IP partners’ documents. As a result, SoC customers are able to focus more on SoC development instead of spending overhead to qualify IP.

IP registered in TSMC’s IP catalog with high silicon assessment scores are eligible to be tested via the IP Validation Center program. IP are chosen by TSMC to be validated on criticality of IP on an application market need basis. All TSMC IP Alliance members are eligible to join. Interested IP partners may contact their TSMC Account Manager for additional details.

Benefits to IP users:

Access to TSMC9000 assessment results and scores on TSMC-Online for IP candidates
Shorten decision L/T to adopt validated IP candidates
Lower TCO over SoC design with list of validated IP
Convenient to find IP candidates for SoC development
Lower the design challenge at advanced technology nodes and increased SoC complexity
Sampling IP by random to be tested to verify IP quality level

TSMC9000 Levels of Acceptance

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