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PGC (Progate Group Corporation) was founded in 1991 and has 22-year experiences in IC design service industry. It is headquartered in Taipei Neihu Technology Park, Taiwan. In order to develop and service Japanese customers, PGC established a branch company in Japan, Shin-Yokohama, in 2006. PGC focuses on SOC/ASIC design service since the first business until now . Being the first ASIC turnkey service provider in Taiwan, cooperating with TSMC and VIS (the strategic partner of TSMC), PGC is a member of TSMC Design Center Alliance (DCA) and Value Chain Aggregator (VCA).

PGC always exerts our endeavor to provide the best quality and stable services, like offering various SOC Platforms, integrating ARM core with many sorts of IP, providing RTL coding and system integration. PGC uses advanced and complete Synopsys 65/40nm Design Flow which has integrated Cadence and Mentor EDA Tools and was certified for TSMC Processes. PGC owns an in-house clean room (class1000) to provide customers timely testing service. It is equipped with testers of Verigy 93000 SOC Series, Chroma 3650(J750) and Credence D-10 to offer all kinds of testing services, like C/P, F/T, F/A…etc. Therefore PGC can offer test program development, engineering verification and mass-production testing service for customers. The testing capability is: C/P - 8000 pieces of wafers a month; F/T - 8M pcs a month. PGC has taped-out successfully more than 1000 projects for hundreds of customers and has produced hundred millions of IC and tens of thousands wafers. Product applications include 3C devices, industrial automatic control, auto electronics, aerospace technology, RF, security, storage…etc. These products have been sold worldwide including Europe, USA, Japan, Israel, Russia, Korea, Singapore, China and Taiwan, since 1991.

PGC establishes long-term and stable partnership with many renowned IP companies around the world. Therefore, PGC has accumulated a lot of experiences in IP reuse, IP integration and verification. Moreover, IP customization service is offered. PGC continues to build up the capabilities of implementing ASIC/SOC/Platform ASIC in advanced technologies. In 2008, PGC has used 90nm manufacturing technology and completed several ICs. In 2010, PGC won some Platform ASIC projects design-in. In 2011, several 65nm projects were taped out. In 2011, PGC has 40nm design flow ready and is able to provide 40nm ASIC design service to customers since then. PGC is a leading edge technology provider in IC design service industry.

Business Model Portfolio

SOC / ASIC Turnkey Service
Technology: 28nm, 40nm, 65nm, 90nm, 0.11μm, 0.13μm, 0.18μm, 0.25μm, 0.35μm, 0.5μm, 0.6μm
SOC Implementation Platform Service
Spec-in, Project-in, RTL to CHIP, Netlist to CHIP, RTL QA, Synthesis, STA, Signal Integrity, LAYOUT, Low Power Design, DFT, ATPG, BSD, Mem_BIST, Power Analysis (RTL, Netlist, Package)
SiP Turnkey Service
Platform ASIC Turnkey Service
ARM-based Platform; Andes-base Platform; Structured ASIC Platform
IP(Special I/O, Mixed Signal, High Density Memory...) Design Service
Special I/O, ADC & DAC, High Density Memory; Customize, Modify, Authorize
GATE ARRAY Turnkey Service
MLM Turnkey Service
Structured ASIC IP Turnkey Service
LAYOUT/APR Design Service
COT(GDSII TO CHIP) Turnkey Service
MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) Shuttle Bus Service
SOC / ASIC Product Turnkey Service(PGC + TSMC + ASE)
Test Program Development (Verify 93000, Chroma 3650(J750), Credence D-10), Logistic, WIP, Tape-out, CP, FT, MP, Package, Testing, Yield Improvement, Corner Run, Failure Analysis, Reliability, Wafer Allocation

Comprehensive IP Portfolio

Digital IP : 8051, 8052, 16-bits MCU, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex, ANDES, UART, JPEG, H.264, 10/100 MAC, USB2.0, USB3.0 Controller, DDR2, DDR3
Mixed Signal IP : ADC, DAC, Codec, PLL, Crystal Oscillator, LDO, POR, Bandgap, Voltage Regulator
High Speed Interface PHY : USB2.0/3.0, DDR2/3, SATAI/II/III, PCIe, HDMI, XAUI
Special IO IP : I2C, 1394a IO, LVDS, PECL, SSTL-2, SSTL-18, SSTL-15, USB2.0, HSTC, PCI-X, 32K Crystal Oscillator
Memory IP : SRAM, ROM, Flash, OTP, MTP

Contact Information

  8F, No.88, SEC. 1, NEI HU RD.,
TEL: +886-2-26582233
FAX: +886-2-26580915
Contact Person: Mr. Fred Lai / General Manager
Email: fred@pgc.com.tw

Corporate Website

http://www.pgc.com.tw new window

TSMC Reports Fourth Quarter EPS of NT$3.86(2017/01/12)
TSMC December 2016 Revenue Report(2017/01/10)
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