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TSMC offers leading edge wafer bumping services:

Bump Material Lead Free Cu
Bump Material (Plated) SnAg Cu / SnAg Cap
Available Wafer Sizes 12" 12"
Max. Chip Size (mm2) <400 <700
Min. Bump Pitch (um) 150 80
EM Performance 1.0X 1.7X
Environmental Friendliness Yes Yes
Ultra Low Alpha Particle Emission Yes Yes
Polyimide Layer Required Required

TSMC Bumping Service Benefits:

TSMC's chip-package-integration qualification in advanced Si nodes saves up to 9 months on customer products' flip chip package development.
TSMC has built a reputation to manage bump and wafer sort production through TSMC in-house manufacturing or outsourcing toed assembly and test suppliers. TSMC's integrated operation streamlines planning and simplifies supply chain management.
TSMC Chairman Dr. Morris Chang Honored by Forbes Magazine as One of the World’s 100 Greatest Living Business Minds(2017/09/21)
Xilinx, Arm, Cadence, and TSMC Announce World’s First CCIX Silicon Demonstration Vehicle in 7nm Process Technology(2017/09/11)
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