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In November 2013, TSMC became the first foundry to begin 16nm Field Effect Transistor (FinFET) risk production. In addition, TSMC became the first foundry that produced the industry's first 16nm FinFET fully functional networking processor for its customer.

Following the success of its 16nm FinFET process, TSMC introduced the 16nm FinFET Plus (16FF+) process. 16FF+ quickly entered volume production in July 2015, thanks to its fast yield ramp and performance improvements. Along with its record-breaking delivery and capacity ramping, the 16FF+ delivered the world's first automotive SoC in 2016.

TSMC also introduced a more cost-effective 16nm FinFET Compact Technology (16FFC). This process maximizes die cost scaling by simultaneously incorporating optical shrink and process simplification.

TSMC's 16FF+ provides the best performance among the industry's 16/14nm offerings. Compared to TSMC's 20nm SoC process, 16FF+ is 40% faster and consumes 50% less power at the same speed. It provides superior performance and power consumption advantage for next generation high-end mobile computing, network communication, consumer and automotive electronic applications.

The FinFET Transistor

The innovative FinFET transistor features a 3-D, rather than a conventional 2-D, planar structure. It acquired its name from the distinctive fin-like structure of the source and drain components. FinFET transistors shrink semiconductor sizes, reduce production costs, and improve performance.
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