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Design For Manufacturing (DFM) is the latest in a series of TSMC efforts to empower innovation through advanced technology and services. DFM also means "Design For More"- more performance and more accuracy- all at an improved cost. Achieve increased product performance and yield through adherence to preferred layout styles and DFM rules that influence manufacturing results. TSMC's production-enhancing DFM rules improve information flow between design and manufacturing. These are easy to implement and proven steps, developed in collaboration with TSMC's EDA partners.

TSMC's DFM advisories are grouped into three categories: Action-required Rules, Recommended Rules, and Guidelines. Action-required rules identify the range of circuit geometry that renders irregular circuit behavior and that may require re-simulation. Recommended rules incorporate yield enhancements, including suggested values/ranges for potential yield improvement. The rules are checkable and do not incur area penalties. Guidelines minimize the critical areas that are prone to production defects, reduce the probability of circuit failure that may be caused by manufacturing and maintain circuit integrity with design practices.

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