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Future R&D Plans    
Future R&D Plans
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To maintain and strengthen TSMC’s technology leadership, the Company plans to continue investing heavily in R&D. In addition to 7nm and 5nm CMOS nodes already in the pipeline, the Company’s reinforced exploratory R&D work is on track to establish a solid foundation to feed into technology platforms beyond the 5nm node. The Company’s exploratory work focuses on new transistors and technologies, such as 3D structures, strain-engineered CMOS, high-mobility materials and novel 3D IC devices. These studies emphasize innovation and are guided by deep understanding of the fundamental physics of nanometer CMOS transistors and related technologies. The Company also continues to collaborate with external research bodies from academia and industry consortia alike with the goal of extending Moore’s Law and paving the road to future cost-effective technologies and manufacturing solutions for its customers.

With a highly competent and dedicated R&D team and its unwavering commitment to innovation, TSMC is confident in its ability to deliver the best and most cost-effective SoC technologies to its customers and to drive future business growth and profitability for years to come.

Summary of TSMC’s Major Future R&D Projects

Project Name Description Risk Production (Estimated Target Schedule)
7nm logic platform technology and applications 4th generation FinFET CMOS platform technology for SoC 2017
5nm logic platform technology and applications 5th generation FinFET CMOS platform technology for SoC 2019
3D IC Cost-effective solution with better form factor and performance for SiP 2016 ~ 2017
Next-generation lithography EUV lithography and related patterning technology to extend Moore’s Law 2016 ~ 2019
Long-term research Specialty SoC technology (including new NVM, MEMS, RF, analog) and transistors for 5nm node and beyond 2015 ~ 2019

The projects above accounted for roughly 70% of the total R&D budget in 2017, estimated to be around 8% of 2017 revenue.
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