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Technology is one of TSMC's cornerstones. TSMC has the broadest range of technologies and services in the Dedicated IC Foundry segment of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The IC Industry Foundation strategy embodies an integrated approach that bundles process technology options and services. TSMC collaborates with partners to ensure that all services supporting those technologies represent the best practices in the Dedicated IC Foundry segment. To that end, TSMC and its ecosystem partners deliver the largest portfolio of process-proven IP and libraries, and the IC industry's most advanced design ecosystem.

TSMC's technology provider strategy stretches across leading edge technology, advanced 12-inch technology, more-than-moore technology, and application specific process technologies.

Future R&D Plans
In light of the significant accomplishments of TSMC’s advanced technologies in 2011, the Company plans to continue...More
Leading Edge Technology
Pushes the boundary of Moore's Law and is the industry foundation for high-K metal gate gate-last process knowhow...More
Advanced 12-inch Technology
Includes a wireless SoC process technology, a consumer technology and a PC and network technology...More
More-than-Moore Technology
Recently, the global semiconductor industry is seeing a new trend called “More-than-Moore” (MtM)...More
Application Specific Solutions
Cellular base band, PC graphic, Power IC, WLAN and cellular RF...More
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TSMC April 2016 Revenue Report(2016/05/10)
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