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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight of the quality and integrity of the accounting, auditing, reporting, and financial control practices of the Company.

The Audit Committee is responsible to review the following major matters:

Financial reports;
Auditing and accounting policies and procedures;
Internal control systems and including related policies and procedures;
Material asset or derivatives transactions;
Material lending funds, endorsements or guarantees;
Offering or issuance of any equity-type securities;
Derivatives and cash investments;
Legal compliance;
Related-party transactions and potential conflicts of interests involving executive officers and directors;
Ombudsman reports;
Fraud prevention and investigation reports;
IT security;
Corporate risk management;
Performance, independence, qualification of independent auditor;
Hiring or dismissal of an attesting CPA, or the compensation given thereto;
Appointment or discharge of financial, accounting, or internal auditing officers;
Assessment of Committee Charter and fulfillment of Audit Committee duties; and
Assessment of the Committee's performance, etc.

Under R.O.C. law, the membership of Audit Committee shall consist of all independent Directors. TSMC's Audit Committee satisfies this statutory requirement. The Committee also engaged a financial expert consultant in accordance with the rules of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The Audit Committee annually conducts self-evaluation to assess the Committee's performance and identify areas for further attention.

TSMC's Audit Committee is empowered by its Charter to conduct any study or investigation it deems appropriate to fulfill its responsibilities. It has direct access to TSMC's internal auditors, the Company's independent auditors, and all employees of the Company. The Committee is authorized to retain and oversee special legal, accounting, or other consultants as it deems appropriate to fulfill its mandate.

The Committee meets at least once every quarter. Please consult TSMC's Taiwan Annual Report for the relevant year for the number of meetings convened and each member's attendance rate.

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities related to TSMC's compensation and benefits policies, plans and programs, and in the evaluation and compensation of TSMC's directors of the Board and executives.

The members of the Compensation Committee are appointed by the Board as required by R.O.C. law. According to TSMC's Compensation Committee Charter, the Committee shall consist of no fewer than three independent directors of the Board. Currently, the Compensation Committee is comprised of all five independent directors; the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Mark Liu, is invited by the Committee to attend all meetings and is excused from the Committee's discussion of his own compensation.

TSMC's Compensation Committee is authorized by its Charter to retain an independent consultant to assist in the evaluation of CEO, or executive officer compensation.

The Committee meets at least once every quarter. Please consult TSMC's Taiwan Annual Report for the relevant year for the number of meetings convened and each member's attendance rate.

Board Committee Membership

Name Audit Committee Compensation Committee
Peter L. Bonfield
Independent Director
Stan Shih
Independent Director
Thomas J. Engibous
Independent Director
Kok-Choo Chen
Independent Director
Michael R. Splinter
Independent Director
Jan Lobbezoo Note (Financial Expert Consultant)  

Note: Jan C Lobbezoo was appointed to serve as financial expert consultant to TSMC Audit Committee as from April 1, 2007. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ASMI NV, a supplier of semiconductor wafer processing equipment and process solutions. He also serves on the supervisory board of several private companies in the Netherlands. Jan C Lobbezoo worked at the Philips group for approximately 36 years in various finance and control positions in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Scandinavia as well as The Netherlands. He served for over 11 years as CFO of Philips Semiconductors (now known as NXP) until 2005. Thereafter he became Executive Vice-President of Philips International until retirement in December 2006. He was Philips’ representative and served as a Director of TSMC Board between 1994 to March 2007. He holds a master degree in business economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands; where he also obtained an accounting degree as Register Accountant. He is a member of the Dutch Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA).
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