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2014 Monthly Revenue
(In Millions of New Taiwan Dollars)

Month Consolidated
Net Revenue YoY Change
Jan. 51,430  8.4% 
Feb. 46,829  13.7% 
Mar. 49,956  13.2% 
Apr. 61,887  23.6% 
May 60,789  17.4% 
Jun. 60,344  11.7% 
Jul. 64,925  24.6% 
Aug. 69,279  25.8% 
Sept. 74,846  35.1% 
Oct. 80,736  55.9% 
Nov. 72,275  63.0% 
Dec. 69,510  39.9% 
Total 762,806  27.8% 

* Year 2014 figures have not been audited.
** Starting 2013, TSMC prepares financial statements in accordance with TIFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards as endorsed in R.O.C.), TSMC will report only consolidated financial figures from January 2013.  

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