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2016 Monthly Revenue
(In Millions of New Taiwan Dollars)

Month Consolidated
Net Revenue YoY Change
Jan. 70,855  -18.7% 
Feb. 59,551  -4.9% 
Mar. 73,089  1.1% 
Apr. 66,843  -11.3% 
May 73,576  4.9% 
Jun. 81,391  35.8% 
Jul. 76,392  -5.6% 
Aug. 94,311  40.7% 
Sept. 89,703  39.0% 
Oct. 91,085  11.4% 
Nov. 93,030  46.7% 
Dec. 78,112  33.9% 
Total 947,938  12.4% 

* Year 2016 figures have not been audited.
** Starting 2013, TSMC prepares financial statements in accordance with TIFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards as endorsed in R.O.C.), TSMC will report only consolidated financial figures from January 2013.  

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