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TSMC Pledges to Buy 100 million kWh of Green Power
Voluntary Purchase Reduces 52 million kgs in Carbon Emissions
Issued by: TSMC
Issued on: 2015/06/16
Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – June 16, 2015 –TSMC (NYSE: TSM) today announced the Company will purchase 100 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of green power, actively participating in the R.O.C. Ministry of Economic Affairs’ voluntary “green power purchasing program”. TSMC’s commitment will make up nearly 13% of Taiwan Power Company’s total green power available for purchase under the program this year.

By purchasing green power generated with zero carbon emissions, TSMC will reduce its carbon footprint by 52 million kilograms, equivalent to the carbon absorbed by 5.2 million trees in one year. TSMC hopes that by taking action to support Taiwan’s renewable energy development, it can continue to pursue sustainability, support a low-carbon environment, and reduce the impact of global warming.

“Caring for the Earth and providing for future generations has always been an important part of TSMC’s corporate social responsibility,” said Lora Ho, TSMC Spokesperson and Senior Vice President. “TSMC responds to global climate change by actively conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions. By making this purchase, we aim to fulfill part of our duty as a corporate citizen to care for our environment.”

TSMC Spokesperson
Lora Ho
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer & Spokesperson
Tel: 886-3-5054602
TSMC Acting Spokesperson
Elizabeth Sun
Senior Director, TSMC Corporate Communications Division
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