System on Integrated Chips (SoIC)

TSMC's front-end 3D SoIC™ is a key technology pillar to advance the field of heterogeneous chiplets integration with reduced size, increased performance. It features ultra-high-density-vertical stacking for high performance, low power, and min RLC( resistance-inductance-capacitance). SoIC integrates active and passive chips into a new integrated-SoC system, which is electrically identical to native SoC, to achieve better form factor and performance.

The key features of SoIC include:

  1. Enables the heterogeneous integration (HI) of known good dies (KGDs) with different chip sizes, functionalities and wafer node technologies.

    (a) SoC before chip partition; (b), (c), (d) Variant partitioned chiplets and re-integrated schemes enabled by SoIC

    SoIC Chips
  2. Exceptional scalability

    With the innovative bonding scheme, SoIC enables the strong bonding pitch scalability for chip I/O to realize a high density die-to-die interconnects. The bond pitch starts from sub-10 µm rule. Short die-to-die connection of SoIC has the merits of smaller form-factor, higher bandwidth, better power integrity (PI), signal integrity (SI), and lower power consumption comparing to the current industry state-of-the-art packaging solutions.

    Exceptional scalability
  3. Holistic 3D System Integration

    SoIC integrates both homogeneous and heterogeneous chiplets into a single SoC-like chip with a smaller footprint and thinner profile, which can be holistically integrated into advanced WLSI (aka CoWoS and InFO ). From external appearance, the SoIC is just like a general SoC chip yet embedded with desired and heterogeneously integrated functionalities

    (a) CoWoS with SoC, (b) CoWoS with SoIC, (c) InFO_PoP with SoC, (d) InFO_PoP with SoIC

    Holistic 3D System Integration
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