Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

TSMC is committed to its stakeholders and diligently carries out the responsibilities of a good corporate citizen. Through explicit direction from executive leaders and a strong management system, TSMC establishes continuous improvement plans to enhance its sustainability performance on economic, environmental and social dimensions.

The highest-level corporate social responsibility organization within TSMC

Main Points of 2017 Chairperson's Report to the Board of Directors

Implementation Results for the Year

  • The strategies and performance of green manufacturing
  • Fulfilled RBA Code of Conduct requirements with respect to supply chain management
  • Set targets to drive local procurement
  • The achievements and highlights of TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, as well as TSMC Charity Foundation

Work Plan for the Following Year

  • Continue to align its sustainability targets with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Expand its coverage of CSR management for TSMC's overseas fabs and major affiliates
  • Execute social impact valuation projects

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Achievements in 2017

  • Responded actively to global sustainability trends through social impact valuation that examined the added value created by TSMC's sustainability actions
  • Led each functional unit to study the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, develop strategies and programs, and implement them in our daily operations
  • Formally established the TSMC Charity Foundation, focused on taking care of elders, promoting filial piety, caring for the disadvantaged, and protecting the environment
  • Followed RBA Code of Conduct requirements to increase quality and quantity of supplier audit and training so as to enhance supplier management capability
  • Comprehensively strengthened green management through purchasing green power and improving energy efficiency
  • Established a more extensive communication system for sustainability issues
    • Revised TSMC's Corporate Social Responsibility Report; set strategies, vision, and targets for the material issues; responded to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
    • Established online survey platform for internal and external stakeholders
    • Launched a new Corporate Social Responsibility Report website