Letter from the CSR Executive Committee Chairperson

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

As a company pursues profitability and growth, it must also be concerned with the environment, society, and corporate governance. Since TSMC’s establishment, the Company has not only strived for the highest achievements in its core business of dedicated IC foundry services, but has dedicated itself to corporate governance, and actively developed positive relationships with all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and society to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen and pursue a sustainable future. For TSMC, the first step in corporate social responsibility is to carry out our core values of ICIC (Integrity, Commitment, Innovation, Customer Trust), demonstrate our business principles through our actions, and for every colleague to continue enhancing our three competitive advantages of "Technology Leadership, Manufacturing Excellence, and Customer Trust". In this way, we drive beautiful changes in society and the environment through our leadership position in the industry.

Over the years, TSMC has held to its vision of uplifting society, and applied technology and innovation to help humanity overcome many challenges. The Company has taken numerous concrete actions and actively given back to society in a spirit of gratitude, and we have become a benchmark for the industry. As we strive to do our best in corporate social responsibility, we are also encouraging our employees to make innovative breakthroughs in how they think about things, and how they do things. At the same time, we are nurturing our empathy and broadening our horizons. I hope that we can have greater social participation from TSMC employees based on our professionalism, to develop more holistically as individuals.

Because of this, we established the Corporate Social Responsibility Executive Committee in 2019, with myself as the Chairman and Lora Ho as the Executive Secretary, to work with senior management in many different functions to set the Company's future CSR strategy. We will be acting in tandem with the CSR Committee to drive CSR actions and cultivate CSR culture. We have taken a fresh look at our core abilities, as well as the areas where our two Foundations can make a difference encouraging employees to use professional knowledge and passion to help the Company fulfill its social responsibility and give back to society.

I would like to thank every one of our colleagues diligently doing each thing right in every corner of our company. In our CSR reports, you will see how everyone took action for a sustainable future in the past year from various aspects. From now on, we will have a stronger focus on green manufacturing (driving circular economics, commitment to renewable energy), creating an inclusive workplace (exploring the potential of new generations of employees and providing diverse and fair development opportunities), caring for the underprivileged (promoting a caring social culture through education and life), building a responsible supply chain (extending TSMC’s high operation standards to its supplier ecosystem) and talent development (developing future semiconductor talent through joint programs with schools). I hope that everyone in TSMC will take it as their responsibility to make a full commitment. On the road towards sustainability and the common good, let's continue to drive positive changes together.

Mark Liu Chairman and Corporate Social Responsibility Executive Committee Chairperson