Risk Management

In an ever-changing risk environment, establishing integrated enterprise risk management and crisis management capabilities are the fundamentals for business maintaining its sustainability and competition. TSMC has developed and regularly updates a comprehensive enterprise risk management and business continuity program to protect all stakeholders' interests.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Analyze crisis scenarios to develop crisis management plans. Improve risk management through exercising crisis management drills

Earthquake Continuity Plans Surpassing Legal Requirements

Earthquake Continuity Plans Surpassing Legal Requirements

Following the September 21, 1999, Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan, TSMC has laid down a series of earthquake protection management plans surpassing legal requirements. The company has conducted a comprehensive investigation on all buildings and facilities, set up dampers to improve building structures, and adopted new anti-seismic technologies and methodologies to assess and control the risks...

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Enterprise Risk Management Framework

TSMC's risk map that considers likelihood and impact severity is applied for identifying and prioritizing corporate risks. Various risk treatment strategies are also adopted in response to identified corporate risks.

For more information, please read TSMC 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Governance and Business - Risk Management

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