Ethical Management

TSMC acts upon operational transparency. We continuously create added value for the Company based on our core values and sound internal management.

Governance and Business
Integrity is the most important core value of TSMC's culture. Internally, we continue to instill a high standard of ethical culture by providing training and promotional campaigns. TSMC's employees set the "tone from the top" by acting in compliance with governing legislation and regulations. Externally, we assist our customers and suppliers to understand and act in accordance with TSMC's ethical standards. We aim to become a trusted partner for our stakeholders.
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29,000 employees completed "2017 TSMC Ethics and Compliance Training"
888 facility and spare parts suppliers attended the face-to-face training sessions on TSMC's ethical standards in person
96.2% of TSMC's suppliers believe our employees' ethics is extremely high or high
Integrity is the core value upon which TSMC was built, and compliance with both our ethical standards and applicable laws and regulations embodies that core value. We extend this core value to our suppliers to ensure that operating with integrity is a shared priority throughout our supply chain.
- Sylvia Fang, Vice President, Legal and General Counsel

Ethics and Regulatory Compliance

TSMC has set "Integrity" as one of its most important core values, and reinforces our culture of ethics and compliance through multiple channels...
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