Talent Attraction and Retention

TSMC is steadfast in its commitment to sustainability, and strives to be a world-class company in environmental protection.

TSMC emphasizes "Right People with Shared Vision and Values" and reinforces employees' identification and implementation of core values. We plan benefit programs which fit employees' needs. Through a variety of human resources practices, our employees can bring all their potential into full play in the right position, which contributes to a win-win situation for both our company and employees.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Right People with Shared Vision and Value
    Recruit talents with proper selection criteria
  • Right People for the Right Jobs
    Implement internal transfer policy
  • Competitive Compensation
    Provide competitive total compensation

TSMC Proactively Creates Diversified and Friendly Workplace

TSMC Proactively Creates Diversified and Friendly Workplace

TSMC views employees as the most important asset and provides an active and friendly workplace. "Putting the right person in the right position" is the company's long-term strategy and sustainable development goal. Taking the R&D organization as an example...

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Right People with Shared Vision and Values

Character and qualifications are the most important criteria for talent selection at TSMC. In order to ensure the quality of recruitment, we developed a set of selection criteria, including integrity, resilience, perseverance, initiative, innovation, judgment and etc. Besides professional skills, all applicants shall be evaluated by the selection criteria assessment and structured interviews to ensure we find the right people with shared vision and values.

Benefit Practices which Exceed the Statutory Requirement

TSMC provides competitive compensation packages for attracting and retaining the best talent. Our total compensation includes base salary, allowance, employees' cash bonus and profit sharing bonus. Beyond statutory benefit requirements, TSMC offers additional benefit programs which fit employees' needs, such as holidays, insurance plan, pension plan, financial assistance for employees who encounter difficult circumstances, subsidies for marriage, childbirth, and funerals, or discounts provided by designated vendors.
Item Labor Law Practices which Exceeds the Statutory Requirement
Holiday 12 national holidays per year TSMC holidays include 12 national holidays in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and 7 additional memorial days
Annual Leave 3 days for 6-month service in the first year 1 day for each 2-month service in the first year to look after new hired employees' leave requirements
Sick Leave 30 days of half-paid sick leave per year 120 hours fully-paid and 120 hours half-paid sick leave per year
Personal-affairs Leave 14 days of personal-affairs leave per year In addition to personal-affairs leave, granted based on the Labor Standards Acts, employees are entitled to 90 days of special personal leave with approval by authorized supervisors if they must attend to important personal affairs
Insurance Plan Employee shall be insured by Labor and National Health Insurance eligible for their statutory benefits from the first day they come on board

In addition to the Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance, we provide comprehensive group insurance plans to employees without charge. Coverage includes life insurance, accident insurance, hospital insurance, cancer insurance, and business travel insurance. Besides, employees also have the flexibility to participate in self-pay insurance plans for their family with lower prices.

The coverage will be extended without charge to employees in leave of absence for the purpose identified by labor law

VisEra provides group insurance coverage to employee’s family without charge. The coverage will be extended for six months without charge to employee in leave of absence for the purpose identified by labor law

In order to take care of both personal and family needs, TSMC employees can apply for leaves of absence when they need a long break. They can also apply to return to our company before the end date of his or her leave of absence.

2016 Number of Employees Who Took Parental Leave of Absence, Return to Work Rate and Retention Rate

Talent Recruitment

TSMC actively recruits right people with shared vision and values. New employees are mainly from the young generation (under the age of 30). We generate the momentum of R&D and manufacturing by recruiting young talent. It supports TSMC to sustain our long term competitive advantage even as competition and challenges become globalized.

For more information, please read TSMC 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Inclusive Workplace - Talent Attraction and Retention

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