Talent Development

TSMC strives to reinforce talent, and assist employees to develop in managerial or technical/professional area based on their own characteristics and expertise. We strengthen the management capability at various levels of management, and encourage employees' engagement and commitment to ensure that the Company and employees can grow up together.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Enable Self-directed Learning
    Providing diverse learning resources, encouraging employees' self-directed learning, and applying their learning results to the workplace to enhance working effectiveness

TSMC Establishes Digital Learning Platform to Enhance Management Skills

TSMC Establishes Digital Learning Platform to Enhance Management Skills

As a leading global semiconductor manufacturing company, TSMC believes that company growth and employee development are closely connected, and it is essential to provide an innovative and diversified learning environment. To enhance management leadership and help managers overcome...

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Directions of Talent Development

TSMC sets sustainable directions for employees' learning development and people development. In terms of learning development, TSMC accelerates organizational and employee growth to adapt to the changing environment and organizational growth needs. In terms of people development, the Company creates a continuous development environment for employees by generating managers and employees' collaboration.

Learning and Development

Employee's learning and development is an integral and critical factor for the growth of a company. TSMC provides individual development plan (IDP) for employees, and encourages employees to choose suitable learning resources and methods according to individual needs. In 2017, TSMC provided nearly 640,000 hours of training and a total of nearly 550,000 attendees participated.

For more information, please read TSMC 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Inclusive Workplace - Talent Development

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