TSMC Education and Culture Foundation

Letter from the CSR Committee Chairperson

The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, led by Dr. F.C. Tseng who serves as the chairman, was established in 1998. The Foundation fulfills its long-term commitment to education and culture through three main focal points: Care for the Educationally Disadvantaged, Support Youth with Multiple Educational Platforms, and Promote Arts and Culture. In 2017, the Foundation contributed NT$76.79 million to various projects in minority education, humanity education, arts promotion, productions of broadcasting and internet programs and regular literature lecture.

The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation established a website www.tsmc-foundation.org to offer the public online lectures, activity information, and details of the Foundation's projects.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Caring for the Educationally Disadvantaged
    Narrowing the urban-rural gap in cooperation with in-system/out-system and different-sized educational institutions
  • Supporting Youth with Multiple Educational Platforms
    Regularly holding competitions of humanity and science to guide teenagers to explore their development direction beyond the regular education
  • Promoting Arts and Culture
    Continuously organizing grand arts festival at TSMC's site communities, Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan, to cultivate young artists and to promote exquisite fine arts in the community

Caring for the Educationally Disadvantaged

The 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report points out that Taiwan tops all economies and countries in the academic performance disparity between the top...

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Supporting Youth with Multiple Educational Platforms

During senior high school and college, young people are actively shaping their identities and exploring the outside world. At the senior high school stage, the TSMC Foundation offers extracurricular...

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Keep Traditional Classical Culture Alive

The TSMC Culture and Education Foundation improves the local communities with arts and cultural events. Every year we sponsor international arts and culture exhibitions and performances...

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For more information, please read TSMC 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Common Good - TSMC Education and Culture Foundation

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