TSMC i-Charity Platform

Letter from the CSR Committee Chairperson

Founded in 2014, the " TSMC i-Charity Platform" is the interaction mechanism of TSMC employees. With the support of TSMC's Social Responsibility Committee, we have integrated caring projects of the TSMC Volunteer Program and the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation. Meanwhile, employees could propose caring projects, share good things and good ideas to do good on the platform. In addition, in order to provide a more convenient route, the platform's donation mechanism is linked to the Company's payroll system so that employees can contribute to specific projects or choose their "volunteer service" approaches.

In 2016, a total of 6,826 employees donated NT$12.2 million
In 2016, the employees donation support 10 projects and help 5,546 people

2016 TSMC i-Charity Platform Project Overview

Regular Donation to Jun-Yi Academy

The "Uniform Education Platform", which provides free mathematics, natural science, language and social courses through the cloud, hopes to create a "equal" opportunity and "first-class" content as a tool for teachers to flip teaching and students' autonomous learning so that all children can have "personal education".

The "TSMC i-Charity" Platform for the first time launched a "regular quota" project, and 658 employees provided long-term, fixed funding to help the disadvantaged students to obtain multiple learning opportunities.

Regular Donation to Teach for Taiwan

"Teach for Taiwan" is committed to promoting a two-year full-time teaching project. It recruits young people with mission and ability, invests in a small country with teacher needs, provides professional training and support system to become Taiwan's quality Education promoters, so as to play a long-term influence.

The "TSMC i-Charity" Platform for the first time launched a "regular quota" project, and 673 employees provided long-term, fixed funding to help poor students to obtain multiple learning opportunities.

Tai Tung St. Mary Hospital Reconstruction

Taitung St.Mary Hospital is a long-term caring focus for TSMC's community volunteers program. The hospital takes care of children with diabetes, and provides good quality vegetables from the healthy farms to eight tribes in the Taitung area. The daily meals are served for children and elderly solitary.

In 2016, the vegetables and equipment planted in the farmhouse were destroyed by strong Nepalese typhoon. TSMC sent 219 volunteers through the "TSMC i-Charity" platform to rebuild the farm's facilities and provide needed living expenses.

National Taitung Junior College Reconstruction

The National Taitung Junior College is the only national technical college in the eastern Taiwan. In 2016, The Nepalese typhoon destroyed the campus and technical classrooms, affecting 2,250 students.

With the support of 2,311 employees from TSMC, the 300mm Facility Division assisted the Taitung Junior College to rehabilitate the internship factory of Agricultural Machinery Department.

Healthy Lung Program of West Taiwan

Lung cancer is highly associated with air pollution and is the top one death cancer for 10 consecutive years. For the serious air pollution in Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, and Yunlin, Taiwan University Medical School Professor Wang Ming -Giant launched the "Healthy Lung Program of Western Taiwan", aiming to improve survival rate through CT screening and early detection and treatment.

A total of 740 employees donated on the "TSMC i-Charity" platform to help low income households in the middle-west of Taiwan to accept free low-dose computer tomography lung cancer screening.

Hualien Xiu-Lin "Little Sun" School Reconstruction

Over the past five years and with limited funds, the "Little Sun" School has supported more than 400 children in the tribe and offered a safe place for the children to finish their homework after school.

Volunteer Recruitment for Hualien Xiu-Lin "Little Sun" School

In 2015, Tyrrell typhoon seriously destroyed the "Little Sun" school, while the 300mm Facility Division raised fund from 607 TSMC employees through the "TSMC i-Charity" platform, which not only led to renovation of the destroyed classrooms, including newly setup electric light and fans in the classroom, but also built a 112 square meter new classroom for all the children.

TSMC Bookcase

In 2016, the 300mm Technical Board raised funds from 200 TSMC employees through the "TSMC i-Charity" platform, and donated 1,090 books to the Happy Learning Association of the Republic of China.

Volunteers selected 23 fine class reading designated by The Ministry of Education for primary and secondary schools, and donated those extracurricular reading materials to "Afterschool 368's" 47 branches in 16 counties with 1,406 partial rural children.

Yuan-Dong Junior High School Reconstruction

FAB 12A raised funds from 646 TSMC employees through the "TSMC i-Charity" platform and repaired the gymnasium of the Yuan-Dong Junior High School The gymnasium is needed for students to practice softball and basketball.

To solve the roof leakage problem, re-laying 9,900 square meter basketball floor and concerted idle space into indoor floor classroom, in two months, TSMC volunteers made the children's dreams come true.

Sin-Sheng Elmentary School Reconstruction

The SIN-SHENG elmentary school in Tainan SIN-YING, in long-term lack of repair, has many issues, including swamp on the ground floor crack shortage of night lighting equipment etc.

With the support of 709 employees, TSMC had been working with FORMOSA Charity to improve night lighting, sheltering, roof waterproofing and stadium flooding. and provided children a safe and comfortable learning environment.

The Operations of TSMC i-Charity Platform

2014 2015 2016
Caring Projects 3 6 10
Number of Participants 9,000 9,600 6,826
Donation Amount NT$18 million NT$18 million NT$12 million