Responding to the UN Sustainable
Development Goals

Letter from the CSR Committee Chairperson

In 2017, TSMC continued to deepen its understanding and practice of the Sustainable Development Goals Compass (SDG Compass) through implementing the prescribed five steps of "Understanding the SDGs," "Defining Priorities," "Setting Goals," "Integrating," and "Reporting and Communicating." Accordingly, TSMC has incorporated SDGs into our core strategy of operations, thereby establishing long-term sustainable development goals and enabling the pursuit of a vision of sustainable development. As one of the global industrial leaders in the semiconductor industry, TSMC bears the responsibility of tackling the challenges faced by all of humanity. This responsibility drives our collaborative efforts with our stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers/contractors, and society, to chart a path toward sustainability for the mutual benefit of all involved.

TSMC's Material Issues to UN SDGs

Value Chain
Ethical Management
Implement the core value of "integrity," fully aware that corruption and bribery will fundamentally undermine the foundation of corporate sustainability. Our open reporting system allows the code of conduct to be deeply rooted in the daily work of employees and suppliers
Procurement TSMC Operations Customer Usage
Innovation and Service
Respond to rapid technological changes and global sustainability trends. TSMC introduces new technological applications through innovation, as well as resolves climate change issues faced by humankind through product and process innovation
Responsible Supply Chain
Leverage local purchasing volume. As an industrial leader in the semiconductor industry, we should increase our utilization of local service providers as well as incorporate a corporate sustainability mindset and requirements into our supply chain management in order to drive the responsible behavior across the entire supply chain
Green Manufacturing
Building cleaner production plants is a basic requirement of corporate sustainability. Our spirit of responsibility drives us to construct green manufacturing plants that emphasize dematerialization, decarbonization and detoxification across all aspects of our products, processes, and supply chain
Inclusive Workplace
Embrace our original vision of seeking out people who subscribe to our values. We are committed to establishing a safe and inclusive workplace, ensuring every employee enjoys basic human rights and can develop their skills in a safe work environment, and making our workplace an asset worth protecting.
Common Good
Society and Company are interdependent. Through its two major charitable foundations, TSMC has been deeply involved in issues such as education, helping the less privileged, assisting the elderly who live alone, and other cultural assets. We aim to support and encourage the power of love and positive social influence

Linking SDGs to TSMC 2020/2025 Goals