Proprietary Information Protection

Proprietary Information Protection is a promise from TSMC to customers, shareholders and employees. TSMC responds to the increasing importance of proprietary information protection in regard to maintaining current and future competitive advantage, and devises “Proprietary Information Protection — PIP” policy to define the proprietary information protection and management guidelines. TSMC trade secrets and related undisclosed confidential information are protected under these guidelines in the best interest of company, shareholders, employees, customers, and vendors. TSMC PIP strategy is based on Plan-Do-Check-Act, PDCA management, which continuously upgrades the information protection mechanisms, raises PIP awareness in employees, and mitigates the risk of information disclosure.

TSMC promotes PIP programs continuously, including annual PIP training classes and several promotion channels, not only to employees but also to vendors. In 2017, TSMC further enhanced vendor information access and badge control, in addition to promoting PIP in annual vendor meetings. TSMC ensures proprietary information protection by forming an alliance with vendors.

2017 Proprietary Information Protection Accomplishment

2017 Proprietary Information Protection Enforcement Status