Jacana Protection: Photo taken in Tainan’s Jacana Ecology Park
Responding to the "2016 Earth Day": Ecology Volunteer of Taichung Site
Chin Shan Elementary School graduation trip with love

Emphasizing on Environment Protection

Regularly Ecology Docent Service

TSMC Green Park Tour Guide

TSMC is devoted to the protection of our environment. We reserve land for ecological projects at every new fab. Currently, we have three major green parks: Hsinchu Fab12B, Taichung Fab15, and Tainan Fab14C, serving as Ecological conservation bases for remote elementary schools. In 2016, a total of 24 elementary schools, 1,002 students from the education priority areas in Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan came to explore the TSMC Ecology Park.

Tainan Jacana Ecology Park

Since 2012, TSMC has extended the scope of environmental protection to the Tainan Jacana Ecology Park. In addition to inviting employees and their families as a tour guide on the weekend, we also called for employees to go to the Jacana ecology park together in the annual production season to pick up, buy, and sell water chestnut in the Tainan Site, and to support daily operation in the Jacana ecology education park, and make an effort for the local endangered jacana. According to the national jacana winter amount survey, the number of jacana was at a record-high level of 1,152 in Guanti area on Dec. 4, 2016, compared with 549 in 2012, showing that jacana conservation was successful.

Action for Environment Education

Responding to "2016 Earth Day"

A total of 235 Ecology Volunteers and employees’ families of the Taichung Site joined hands with 23 children from the Xi Wei Elementary School to plant 150 seedlings in the Taichung City Park, putting the seeds of guarding the land in the children’s heart.

"Eagles want to fly" Education Promotion

Ecology Volunteers of the Tainan site helped promote the documentary film "Eagle wants to fly". They brought the film to remote elementary schools in Tainan (Guang Jung, Song Lin, Shu Lin, Yu Jin, and Nan Si Elementary School), and arranged researchers, production team to exchange opinions. They put the concepts of environmental awareness and friendly environment into the hearts of 1,010 students.

Jinshan Elementary School Ecology Graduation Trip

For four consecutive years, TSMC has cooperated with the Jinshan elementary school in the Hsinchu County to prepare a "Jinshan passing love and grateful trip," which is full with environmental sustainability concept for graduates. Children set off from school, along the Roman road to the Mautu Discover Forest, travelling a total of about eight kilometers. Teachers arranged activities including Solar Docent, caring elderly, cleaning houses and knowing new good food. TSMC’s volunteers raised 12 new cameras to children, helping to open the children’s vision and re-understand their growing home.

Words from Volunteers

Being a volunteer for 11 years, my life has been a full of happiness and growth.

I still remember the first time when I walked into the pine forest elementary school to read stories for the fifth-grade children; the first time when I hosted my first tour to people I first met in the Taichung Museum of Science; the first time when I celebrated Father’s Day with elderly veterans after my father passed away; the first time when I closely observed water pheasant and migratory birds...

I understand that it was a beautiful moment for every volunteer attendance, so that happiness, love, respect and a sense of accomplishment enrich my own life.

- ZOU Jia-Jing, a member of "Orchid's", the winner of 2016 TSMC Dream Builders of Youth