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Organization Chart


Major Corporate Functions


  • Product development, manufacturing technology, mainstream fabs, 300mm fabs, affiliate fabs, and back-end technology and service

Human Resources

  • Human resources management and organizational development
  • Proprietary information protection (PIP) and physical security management


  • Sales operations, market development, field technical support and service for Asia customers


  • Technical marketing, field technical support and service for Europe customers

North America

  • Sales operations, market development, field technical support and service for North America customers

Business Development

  • Developing semiconductor foundry business in mobile computing, computer, consumer electronics, communication and industrial related products, identifying new applications and markets, and solidifying customer relationship, brand management, embedded flash business, CIS business

Corporate Planning Organization

  • Operation resources planning, production and demand planning, business process integration, corporate pricing and market analysis and forecast

Quality and Reliability

  • Quality and reliability management, customer service

Information Technology

  • Technology system integration, business system integration, IT infrastructure and communication service, IT security and quality management

Materials Management and Risk Management

  • Purchasing, warehousing, import and export, logistics support, environmental protection, industrial safety, occupational health, and risk management

Research and Development

  • Advanced and specialty technology development, exploratory research and advanced development, design and technology platform development

Finance and Spokesperson

  • Corporate finance, accounting, corporate communication, financial strategy and analysis, and corporate spokesperson


  • Corporate legal affairs, litigation, commercial transactions, patents and other intellectual property management, compliance and regulatory work

Internal Audit

  • Internal control risk monitoring and independent assessment of Compliance