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CSR Guidelines

TSMC believes a company’s corporate social responsibility is to uplift society. As an important part of the technology industry, looking to the future, we not only aim to maintain our leadership in worldwide competition and promote Taiwan’s globalization and economic growth, but we will also continue to carry out our corporate social responsibility and do our utmost to be good corporate citizens.

Our 10 principles for practicing corporate social responsibility are important standards for continuing to support positive change in society:

  1. We insist on honesty and integrity. We are honest to our shareholders, employees, customers, and to the public alike.
  2. We respect the rule of law and always obey the law.
  3. We abhor cronyism. We do not seek favoritism from the government or any government official, and we do not bribe.
  4. We practice good corporate governance, and balance the interests of shareholders, employees, and all stakeholders in the Company.
  5. We do not engage in politics.
  6. We provide good job opportunities with a safe, comfortable, and intellectually challenging environment to give our employees both physical comfort and mental stimulation.
  7. We do our part to control climate change and place great importance on the protection of the environment.
  8. We emphasize and reward innovation, and actively manage the risks that innovation may bring.
  9. We invest in green businesses such as solid state lighting and solar to contribute to a greener world.
  10. We support educational and cultural activities, and care for our communities over the long term.

TSMC fulfills its social responsibilities to all stakeholders. As we carry out the principles listed above, it is our firm belief that customers will trust us more because of our honesty and integrity, respect for the law, and good corporate governance. Investors will be more willing to invest over the long term because of our clear core values, and employees will feel closer to the Company as they identify with those values. Carrying out TSMC’s social responsibilities brings us greater competitive advantage, creates greater value for shareholders, and benefits all of our stakeholders.

The following table shows TSMC’s view of CSR. TSMC’s social responsibility is to “uplift society“, and on the vertical axis are matters that TSMC considers its responsibilities. The horizontal axis lists areas where TSMC believes its values can affect society.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Uplift Society


CSR Management Approach

TSMC’s decision-making and operations in corporate social responsibility (CSR) are led by the Company’s Chief Financial Officer, who was appointed by the Chairman to act as an overall coordinator for the entire Company’s CSR activities. To better carry out and coordinate sustainability efforts, the Company founded the “Corporate Social Responsibility Committee“ in 2011, which brings together representatives from all of TSMC’s CSR-related business segments, including Customer Service, Human Resources, Investor Relations, the Legal Department, Material and Supply Chain Management, Operations, Public Relations, Quality and Reliability, R&D, Risk Management, the Environment, Safety & Hygiene Department, the independent TSMC Education & Culture Foundation and the TSMC Volunteer Association. Since 2012, CSR has been a topic on TSMC’s Board meeting agenda. Annual CSR performance is reported to the Board.

The CSR Committee holds quarterly meetings to discuss related topics, led by the CFO and the President of the Volunteer Program. The quarterly CSR meeting systematically and effectively carries out our corporate social responsibilities by following a “Plan-Do-Check-Act“ cycle to regularly review interaction with stakeholders and the issues that concern them, discuss progress in CSR activities and set future plans. Through close cooperation between organizations, CSR is now an integral part of TSMC’s daily operations.

DJSI Industry Group Leader

In 2013, TSMC was recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) as the Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment Industry Group Leader, setting a milestone for the Company’s achievements in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. TSMC is the first Taiwan company, and one of just four Asian companies, to win the highest score out of its industry peers in the DJSI’s 24 industry groups, made up of 59 industries and the 2,500 largest companies in the world. Moreover, TSMC is one of only two semiconductor companies chosen as index components for 13 consecutive years.

2013 CSR Awards and Recognitions



Awards and Recognitions

Overall CSR

Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)

  • First Taiwan company to be recognized as the DJSI Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment “Industry Group Leader“ (i.e. the company with the highest sustainability score out of its industry peers in the DJSI’s 24 industry groups, made up of 59 industries and the 2,500 largest companies in the world)
  • RobecoSAM Sustainability Award “Gold Class“
  • Membership in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for a 13th consecutive year

Goldman Sachs

  • Membership on the GS SUSTAIN Focus List, which incorporates 59 global industry leaders

CommonWealth Magazine

  • Most Admired Company Rank No.1 in Taiwan
  • Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Globalviews Magazine

  • Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility, Occupational Health First Prize

Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy

  • Award for Corporate Sustainability Reports - Excellent for Manufacturing Industry
  • Model Award for Corporate Sustainability Development Performances - Category of Transparency and Integrity


  • Best Corporate Social Responsibility - Ranked No.2 in Taiwan

R.O.C. Ministry of Culture

  • “Wenxin Award” for the 10th consecutive year

Economy, Governance

Institutional Investor

  • Best CEO (Technology/Semiconductors) - 1st Place (buy-side)
  • Best CEO (Technology/Semiconductors) - 1st Place (sell-side)
  • Best CFO (Technology/Semiconductors) - 1st Place (buy-side)
  • Best CFO (Technology/Semiconductors) - 2nd Place (sell-side)
  • Best IR Team (Technology/Semiconductors) - 1st Place (buy-side)
  • Best IR Team (Technology/Semiconductors) - 1st Place (sell-side)
  • Best IR Professional (Technology/Semiconductors) - 1st Place (buy-side)
  • Best IR Professional (Technology/Semiconductors) - 1st Place (sell-side)

IR Magazine

  • Best corporate governance and disclosure
  • Best overall IR by a Taiwanese company
  • Best IRO - Taiwan


  • Asia Best Managed Companies 2013 - IT/software/technology


  • Asia’s Best Managed Companies: Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan
  • Best Managed Company - Ranked No.1 in Taiwan
  • Best Corporate Governance Company - Ranked No.1 in Taiwan
  • Best CEO - Ranked No.1 in Taiwan
  • Best CFO - Ranked No.2 in Taiwan
  • Most Committed to a strong Dividend Policy - Ranked No.1 in Taiwan
  • Best Investor Relations - Ranked No.1 in Taiwan

Global IR Awards

  • Global Top 50 Gold: Ranked No.12

International Law Office

  • Asia-Pacific Counsel Awards 2013 - General Counsel of the Year

R.O.C. Securities & Futures Institute

  • 10th Information Disclosure of Public Companies Ranking - Ranked A+

Environment, Safety and Wellness

U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in
Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

  • “Gold” certification in LEED-Existing Building: Operation and Maintenance (LEED-EB O&M) - Fab 14 Phase 1 Office Building, Fab 14 Phase 1/2 Manufacturing Facility
  • “Gold” certification in LEED - NB - Fab 12 Phase 6 Manufacturing Facility, Fab 15 Phase 1/2 Manufacturing Facility
    Note: Up to the end of 2013, TSMC received 11 U.S. LEED certifications (1 “Platinum” class, 10 “Gold” class)

R.O.C. Ministry of the Interior “Ecology,
Energy Saving, Waste Reduction and Health
(EEWH)” certification

  • Diamond class “Green Building” certification - Fab 12 Phase 6 Manufacturing Facility, Fab 14 Phase 3 Office Building
    Note: Up to the end of 2013, TSMC received 1 Taiwan EEWH Diamond class “Intelligent Green Building,” 6 Taiwan EEWH Diamond class “Green Building” certifications.

R.O.C. Ministry of Economic Affairs
Industrial Development Bureau

  • “Green Factory Label” - Fab 12 Phase 5

ISO 50001 Energy Management System

  • Fab 12 Phase 6, Fab 15

R.O.C. Environmental Protection

  • “Annual Enterprise Environmental Protection Award” - Fab 15
  • “Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Action Mark” - Fab 6, Fab 8, Fab 12 Phase 6, Advanced Backend Fab 2
  • “Excellence in Toxic Substance Management Award” - Fab 14B
  • “Enterprise Green Procurement Award” - Headquarter

R.O.C. Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • “Excellence in Carbon Reduction Award” - Fab 8, Fab 12 Phase 4/5
  • “Water Conservation Award” - Fab 3, Fab 12 Phase 4/5, Fab 15
  • “National Sustainable Development Award” - Fab 3

Hsinchu Science Park Administration

  • “Low Carbon Enterprise Award” - Fab 12 Phase 6
  • “Excellence in Environmental Protection” - Fab 12 Phase 1/2
  • “Excellence in Labor Safety and Hygiene Award” - Fab 3 and Fab 12A (Note)

Southern Taiwan Science Park

  • “Excellence in Environmental Protection” - Fab 14A

Hsinchu County Environmental Protection

  • “Enterprise Green Procurement Award” - Fab 2 and 5
  • “Mobile Pollution Sources Control” - Fab 2 and 5

Hsinchu City Environmental Protection

  • “Mobile Pollution Sources Control” - Fab 12 Phase 1/2
  • “Environmental Education Award” - Fab 12 Phase 1/2


Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan

  • Large Enterprise Award of National TrainQuali Prize (NTQP)

Health Promotion Administration, Ministry
of Health and Welfare

  • Health Management Award
  • Healthy Weight Management Award
  • Pioneering Weight Management Award

GlobalView Magazine

  • First place in CSR Award for Workplace Health

Note: Fab 12A includes Fab 12 Phase 1/2/3.