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TSMC Volunteer Program

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of TSMC’s culture since its founding. TSMC Foundation launched the first employee volunteer program, Volunteer Docent Program, in 2003 as a channel through which the Company’s most valuable asset, high-tech professional employees, give to the society.

TSMC Volunteer Program is dedicated to promoting education and culture, providing aid for the underprivileged, advocating energy saving, and caring for the community. Now, employees and their family members can take part in a variety of programs as follows:

  • TSMC Volunteer Docent Program
  • TSMC Book Reading Volunteer Program
  • TSMC Energy-saving Volunteer Program
  • TSMC Community Volunteer Program
  • TSMC Ecology Volunteer Program
  • TSMC Fab/Division Volunteer Program (2013 new initiative)

TSMC Volunteer Docent Program

An important way through which a corporation can serve and return to the community in which it operates is to share its expertise. The spread of knowledge furthers people’s understanding of their environment and may inspire the future generations and bring forth change in society.

To promote science education and to enhance people’s understanding of the IC industry, TSMC made a donation to the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung in 1997 to set up an exhibition hall – The World of the Integrated Circuits. In 2003 and 2011, TSMC sponsored the renovation of the hall, adding interactive displays that explain semiconductor principles, the development of integrated circuits, and the important role IC industry plays in one’s daily life. In 2004, TSMC Foundation started to recruit employees and their family members to serve as volunteer docents at the exhibition hall on weekends and holiday.

As many as 194 people volunteered in 2004. Youth volunteers were added in 2006, allowing employees to invite their children (high school and above) to join the Volunteer Docent Program. In 2007, the program was expanded to recruit new blood from TSMC-affiliated companies, including Vanguard, VisEra, Xintec, and Global Unichip. The docents’ enthusiasm and professionalism were highly praised by visitors; the group has continuously been recognized as the “Outstanding Volunteer Team“ by the National Museum of Science.

When “The World of Semiconductor“ exhibition opened in 2011, TSMC recruited around 500 volunteers as tour guides for visitors on weekends and holidays. In 2013, the number grew to 935 volunteers, translating to a dedication of 10,752 service hours. As of December 2013, the cumulative service hour totaled to more than 58,152 hours.

TSMC Book Reading Volunteer Program

TSMC believes the future hope and competitiveness of Taiwan lie in children of the next generation, and education is the key to the development of these children. Hoping to help reduce the disparity of educational resources between rural and urban schools, TSMC Foundation has been sponsoring the “Hope Reading Program“ organized by CommonWealth Magazine since 2004. Besides donating 20,000 books annually to 200 schools in remote and rural areas, the Foundation recruited employees and their family members to form volunteer teams and read to underprivileged children of remote areas in hope of sparking their interest in reading.

In 2004, 49 volunteers joined the Program and started serving two elementary schools in the remote townships in Hsinchu. Now, more than 100 people travel to the remote schools to read stories to the children on a regular basis. With increased numbers of participants, the program was extended to Tainan in 2006. Currently, volunteers serve in five schools, encouraging children to read and make use of the books donated through the Hope Reading Program.

The selfless service of Book Reading Volunteer Program participants is greatly valued by the schools and the children. This program has become a great model frequently reported by the mass media, which helps to spread the spirit of encouraging reading through reading aloud.

In 2012, TSMC expanded its service scope to eight schools from five. Today, 465 volunteers read books with children in Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan. They have served for nine consecutive years and will continue to help pave the road leading to a brighter future for the underprivileged children. In 2013, volunteers dedicated 6,678 hours to read books for children. As of December 2013, the cumulative service hour is more than 30,478 hours.

TSMC Energy Saving Volunteer Program

With global warming and the depletion of limited natural resources and fuel, saving energy has become a critical issue for both individuals and corporations around the world. In 2008, TSMC recruited employees with expertise in energy conservation to start the Energy Saving Volunteer Program, and since, the Company has been providing schools in the Hsinchu and Tainan areas with professional consulting service. The team helps to come up with plans for schools to improve power efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Beginning with 25 TSMC employees, the Energy Saving Volunteer Program initially served only neighborhood schools. Two high schools in Hsinchu were chosen, and a team was sent to each school to assist in lowering water, electricity and telecommunication bills, as well as improving environmental safety and air-conditioning. After assessing the facilities, collecting data, and evaluating power efficiency, the teams proposed energy-saving plans and ways to reduce carbon emissions to the schools.

The Energy Saving Volunteers not only endeavor to save energy for the Company and Taiwan but also wish to do what they can to preserve the earth. The program expanded its service to Taichung in 2011 to fulfill its promise: “Where TSMC is, its volunteers will be“. In 2013, these volunteers input 1,000 hours in Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Penghu areas.

TSMC Community Volunteer Program

When the TSMC Community Volunteer Program started recruiting employees, its central focus was to continually deploy their expertise to help those who need them the most.

When Typhoon Morakot struck Southern Taiwan in 2009, TSMC employees, deeply saddened by the suffering it caused, immediately established Typhoon Morakot Project Team and provided assistance and relief measures to the typhoon victims. The experience prompted TSMC employees to ponder what else could be done to help the community and, consequently, Typhoon Morakot Project Team became the Community Volunteer Program in 2010, aiming to reach out to the ones in need.

Both the elderly and children are the joint focus of TSMC Community Volunteers partly because Taiwan is an aging society with more than two million people over the age of 65, among whom one fifth need nursing care. Moreover, with the rapid changes in society, it is critical for children – the future of the country – to build their characters at an early age. It is especially important for children of dysfunctional families to have productive interactions and experience the warmth, care and company of others.

The TSMC Community Volunteer Program mainly serves the elderly at Hsinchu Veterans Home and the children at St. Teresa Children Center. At Hsinchu Veterans Home, art workshops allow volunteers and veterans to create art works such as rock-painting. The veterans get to enjoy the beauty of art; volunteers and veterans get to understand each other more through chatting. At St. Teresa Children Center, volunteers conduct one-on-one companionship. During the monthly family day at the Center, volunteers spend a wonderful weekend going on an outing with the children or reading to them in the Center.

Two Holiday Volunteer activities were held in 2013. In July, TSMC Community Volunteers invited the elderly and children they served to “Window on China“ theme park and spent a wonderful Saturday together. In December, the volunteers held the second holiday activity for the year at Hsinchu City Zoo. During this event, a roundtable banquet was held for the elderly and children to celebrate an early Chinese New Year. In 2013, there were 349 volunteers. The elderly, the children, and the volunteers are closely linked with one another through regular activities.

TSMC Ecology Volunteer Program

In 2012, TSMC launched a new volunteer initiative: the Ecology Volunteer Program. Two groups of employees who are interested in natural ecology donated their time to environmental protection service at ecology parks in Taichung and Tainan. Volunteers were trained as ecology docents to share natural ecology concepts with school children and the public visiting the two parks.

  • Hsinchu Fab 12B ecology park docent: In 2013, a new venue was added to provide docent service. With 88 employees joining the group, the Company invited more than 120 students and teachers from four elementary schools to visit TSMC’s ecology park in Hsinchu.
  • Taichung Fab 15 ecology park docent: In 2013, 92 employees joined the group, and the Company invited more than 150 students and teachers from five elementary schools to visit TSMC’s ecology park in Taichung.
  • Tainan Jacana ecology education park docent: TSMC Volunteer Program recruited 134 employees and their family members to serve as volunteer docents at the Jacana ecology education park on weekends and holidays.

TSMC Fab/Division Volunteer Program

With the enthusiastic support from Senior Managers, TSMC employees are dedicated to give to the society in return. Employees have devoted to various welfare activities on the Fab/Division level for causes such as environment protection, promotion of energy consumption reduction, and caring of the disadvantaged.

  • Environmental Protection

The Company is dedicated to protecting the environment of Taiwan in collaboration with charities. For instance, TSMC employees volunteered to maintain the Hsinchu venue of The National Lantern Festival 2013. In addition, invited by TSMC volunteers, students of Jinshan Elementary School participated in the street cleaning activity as one of their graduating events. The activity not only contributed to the community, but also helped plant the seed of environmental protection in the mind of the younger generation.

  • Energy Consumption Reduction

With the long-term collaboration between TSMC’s fabs in Tainan and Zengwum Dam, the Company organized interactive and interesting field trips for students from the schools near downstream of the watershed to promote the idea of water consumption reduction. Through interactive learning activities, the students realized the importance of water saving.

Despite high competition in the technology industry, the Company never forgets to cherish the environment. With the summoning of Volunteer Club’s President, Mrs. Sophie Shu-fen Chang, seminars concerning energy consumption and power reduction were held to share the knowledge and technology of the green buildings and energy saving accomplishments. Through those efforts, the Company hopes to root the green power deeply into the minds of other corporations.

  • Caring for the Disadvantaged

Charity bazaars and group-buying were held in fabs from time to time and, in the belief that even a small donation will make a difference, the accumulated profits were donated to charities. Furthermore, when the employees saw people in need, such as solitary elders, destitute children, and economically disadvantaged individuals, they called for enthusiastic support from their fellow employees to repair and maintain the old houses of the ones in need, provided daily suppliers and necessities, and offered warm accompany. Employees of the Company are devoted to give a hand to helpless people for them to move toward a brighter future with dignity.