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Quality Management System Overview

TSMC's quality management system is constructed through core processes (semiconductor process technology research and development, wafer manufacturing, customer service, and associated services such as design services, mask manufacturing, wafer probing, bumping, in-house or outsourced testing) to support TSMC's business strategies and assure customer satisfaction.

Quality Certification Road Map

TSMC follows international quality standards, including ISO 9001, Ford Q1 award, QS-9000, ISO/TS 16949 and IECQ QC 080000, to establish its quality system infrastructure.

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Technology Development

TSMC strives to provide customers highest quality wafers for their products, and has built comprehensive quality and reliability control systems and programs into our foundry services from technology development to mass production. Each new technology, beginning in its R&D stage, passes a rigorous qualification procedure, based on some of the highest industry standards, before it is transferred to fabs for manufacturing. Recently, the Company established a new high-k/metal gate qualification methodology. In addition, advanced failure analysis and new materials evaluation process are also effectively employed in new technology and customer new product development.

TSMC's technology development life cycle control, developed using the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) methodology, is a systematic approach to define concurrent development disciplines and multi-functional coordination. It is coupled, clear release criteria and deliverables to create a "process release specification."

Manufacturing Management

Raw Materials and Supplier Chain Risk Management
TSMC integrates company resources from materials management, fab operations, risk management and quality control to mitigate the suppy chain risk. In addition, to ensure raw material quality, TSMC has established the eCoA (Certificate of Assurance) and eCoA SPC control system for error-proof timely monitoring of suppliers' process capability for error proofing. TSMC also holds an annual Supply Chain Management Forum to maintain beneficial supplier partnership. By giving annual supplier awards, TSMC recognizes suppliers for their outstanding overall performance and expresses special appreciation to those who make contributions to echnology cooperation.

Operation Accuracy and Efficiency
Manufacturing excellence requires a robust and error-proof quality system to sustain the parts-per-million (PPM) level of operations through cost-effective and efficient methods. TSMC has developed sophisticated manufacturing defense systems [Figure 4] to control manufacturing quality and enhance error prevention. These systems are linked through the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to perform stringent production control. Abnormal signals from these defense systems will notify technicians responsible for taking prompt actions in a timely manner. These systems mitigate the production risks and any critical deviations from all the tools and modules processes.

TSMC Manufacturing Defense Systems

Customer Satisfaction Survey and Claim Management
TSMC greatly values the customer voice and customer feedback. Each year, the Company conducts a customer satisfaction survey to assess customer satisfaction and to ensure that customers' needs are adequately understood and addressed. This annual process invites all active customers to participate either through an on-line survey or a one-on-one interview conducted by an independent consultant. In addition, Customer Claim Management (CCM) system provides the timely management of all customer claims so that any errors are contained and quickly resolved.

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