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TSMC is headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park in the northern part of Taiwan. Hsinchu Science Park is known as the Silicon Valley of Taiwan, though more compact than the Silicon Valley in California, the two areas share similar infrastructure, offering a convenient living environment with the city center close by.

Geographically, Hsichu Science Park is located in the outskirt of Hsinchu, and most of the employees living in Hsinchu or nearby area can easily commute to work within 30 minutes.

The Company functions comprehensively in Hsinchu Science Park, with most of the global talents recruited working in this location. Apart from its headquarter and fabs in Hsinchu, TSMC also has presence in Central Taiwan Science Park in Taichung and Southern Taiwan Science Park in Tainan, respectively. Like Hsinchu, this two cities offer nicely-convenient environments for its residents.

For further information of the three areas TSMC operates in Taiwan, please refer to the links below:

Major cities in Taiwan offer a variety of educational options for people relocating from overseas, and there are a number of international schools or schools with bilingual education (English and Chinese) available where TSMC is located.

In Hsinchu, most of the global talents TSMC hired send their children to IBSH, the International Bilingual School at Science Park. IBSH is a public school that was established in 1983 by Taiwanese Government, with the main purpose to attract global talents to work in Taiwan and Hsinchu. The school follows the Western curriculum in preparing students to continue their college education in US, Canada or Europe. AP (Advanced Placement) courses are also available in IBSH as well as other international schools. IBSH is a member of WASC; in 2013, 44% of IBSH high school graduates were admitted to top 50 US universities.

The list below shows the international schools available in the three areas TSMC operates. TSMC HR Relocation Team will assist our global talents with the school enrollment of their children.

Location School Grade Member Of % in Top 50 US University AP Courses Sports Clubs
Hsinchu Int'l Bilingual School at Hsinchu-Science park 1-12 WASC 44%
(24/54 in 2013)
V Basketball, Soccer & Softball
Hsinchu International School K-12 WASC 23%
(10/43 in 2013)
V Soccer, Badminton, Basketball & Swimming
Hsinchu American School 5-12     V Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton
Pacific American School K-12     V Soccer, Basketball, Badminton & Swimming
Taichung American School in Taichung 1-12 WASC, EARCOS 32%
(12/37 in 2013)
V Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Basketball &Badminton
Morrison Academy K-12 WASC, ASCI N/A V Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Swimming & Soccer
Tainan National Nanke International Experimental High School -Bilingual Department 1-12 WASC 22% (8/36 in 2013) V Soccer

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is an hour of drive from Hsinchu. For those who decide to live in Taipei, the list below shows the international schools locating in the city. For enrollment in the school there, please contact the administrative personnel of the schools directly; of course, English communication will not be a problem for them.

Location School Grade Member Of % in Top 50 US University AP Courses Sports Clubs
Taipei Taipei American School K-12 WASC 31% (91/295 in 2012) V Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Softball, Tennis & Badminton
Taipei European School Age 3-18 WASC, CIS 19%   Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Softball & Football
Taipei Japanese School 1-9   N/A   Soccer & Swimming
Morrison Academy- Bethany Campus K-9 WASC, ASCI   V Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, & Swimming
Dominican International School K-12     V Soccer

Taiwan’s national healthcare system, National Health Insurance (NHI), is recognized by WTO as one of the top five healthcare systems in the world, along with Switzerland, France, Italy, and Australia.

The healthcare system in Taiwan takes pride of four major advantages, including high quality services, affordability, state-of-the-art facilities, and an abundance of professional medical teams.

In comparison to US average, the cost for medical treatment is substantially inexpensive in Taiwan. For example, co-pay for a doctor’s visit ranges between US$5 to US$15 in Taiwan, while surgical charges costs one-fifth or less of that in the US. Moreover, the cost for orthodonic treatment, dental implants, laser eye surgery and assisted reproduction are usually half or less than US average price. Additionally, one pays less than one-fifth of the US charge for a comprehensive physical exam, including panendoscopy, colofiberscopy, and cancer screen, etc.

In addition to the general living environment in Taiwan, one can always find comfort in the variety of employee services and daily conveniences available in TSMC fabs, including convenience stores, coffee shops, etc. For more information, please refer to: Life at TSMC

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