Global UniChip Corp.

GLOBAL UNICHIP CORP. (GUC) is a market leader in advanced ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) services. GUC’s comprehensive design services include ‘spec-in’ and SoC (System-on-Chip) integration, physical implementation, advanced packaging technologies, turn-key manufacturing, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as world-class HBM (high-bandwidth memory) and GLink (die-to-die interconnect) IPs.

GUC leads the ASIC service market in the AI (artificial intelligence), HPC (high-performance computing), 5G/Networking, SSD (solid-state drive), and several other industrial segments. GUC is committed to expertly delivering to customers the most competitive PPA (power, performance, and area) designs, promising quality and yield. GUC also dedicates itself to differentiating company’s ASIC products in the highly competitive market through engineering excellence.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is GUC’s single largest shareholder who holds 35% of the company’s total shares. TSMC is also GUC’s sole foundry supplier as well as the closest partner in advanced process and packaging technologies. Relying on the close relationship with TSMC, GUC is able to conquer various design to manufacturing challenges in order to create excellence in everything they produce.

Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, GUC has a global reputation with presence in North America, Mainland China, Europe, Korea, and Japan. GUC is publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) under the ticker number “3443”.

GUC's Advanced ASIC Services
  • Advanced Packaging Technology (APT) Design and Production Service
    • Interposer design and production service for CoWoS, InFO and SoIC
    • SI / PI / THM simulation
    • Substrate and package design
    • Industry-leading HBM2/2E/3 Controller and PHY IP
    • Industry-leading die-to-die IP : GLink-2.5D
    • Industry-leading die-on-die IP : GLink-3D
  • SoC Integration
    • ARM / CPU subsystem
    • IP Customization
    • Domain IP Integration
    • SoC Design
  • Implementation Methodologies
    • Advanced Technology – 7 / 5 / 3nm
    • High Gate Count, High Power Design
    • Extra Large Scale Chip Design
    • PPA Optimization
    • Design for Test (DFT)
    • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Integrated Manufacturing
    • Package Engineering
    • Test Engineering
    • Product Engineering
    • Quality and Reliability Engineering
    • Supply Chain Management
Contact Information
  • Corporate Headquarters Contact Person: Oliver Shyu
    TEL: +886-3-5646600 ext. 6305
    FAX: +886-3-5636386
  • North America Office Contact Person: Jerry C Chen
    TEL: +1-408-382-8900
    FAX: +1-408-321-8299
  • China Office Contact Person: Brad Chou
    TEL: +886-3-5646600 ext. 6205
    FAX: +886-3-5636386
  • Europe Office Contact Person: Christelle Faucon
    TEL: +31-2 03052900
    Mobile: +31-6 44129373
  • Japan Office Contact Person: Alex Huang
    TEL: +886-3-5646600 ext. 6698
    FAX: +886-3-5636386
  • Korea Office Contact Person: Jeff Lin
    TEL: +82-2-553-3842
    FAX: +82-2-553-3846
    Mobile : +82-10-3352-0083
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