Global UniChip Corp.

GLOBAL UNICHIP CORP. (GUC), the custom ASIC Leader is based in Taiwan and provides a comprehensive suite of Flexible ASIC Services™ that meet the unique business and technology requirements of today's innovative technology company.

GUC provides an unmatched combination of advanced technology, low power and embedded CPU design capabilities and production knowhow through close partnership with TSMC and major packaging and testing companies that are ideal for advanced communications, computing and consumer electronics ASIC applications. The company has the proven ability to maximize the power/ performance sweet spot while delivering the fastest possible time-to-market. GUC's uncompromising performance provides the absolute best power, speed, quality, yield and on-time delivery. Our goal is to innovate and deliver world class Flexible ASIC Services that elevate IC visionaries to the next level of leadership in their markets.

Based in Hsin-chu, Taiwan GUC has developed a global reputation with a presence in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and North America. GUC is publicly traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under the symbol 3443.

GUC's Flexible ASIC Services
  • SoC Integration
    • Complete IP/LIB Portfolio
    • IP Customization
    • Domain IP Integration
    • SoC Design
  • Implementation Methodologies
    • Advanced Technology – 28/16nm
    • High Gate Count Design
    • PPA Optimization
    • Design for Test (DFT)
    • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Integrated Manufacturing
    • Package Engineering
    • Test Engineering
    • Product Engineering
    • Quality and Reliability Engineering
    • Supply Chain Management
Contact Information
  • Corporate Headquarters Contact Person: Kevin Chen
    TEL: +886-3-5646600 ext. 6399
    FAX: +886-3-5636386
  • North America Office Contact Person: Jerry C Chen
    TEL: +1-408-382-8900
    FAX: +1-408-321-8299
  • China Office Contact Person: Zack Chang
    TEL: +86-21-3368-5856
    FAX: +86-21-3368-5857
    Mobile: +86-13611746998
  • Europe Office Contact Person: Christelle Faucon
    TEL: +31-2 03052900
    Mobile: +31-6 44129373
  • Japan Office Contact Person: Chung-Lin Tsai
    TEL: +81-45-222-8256
    FAX: +81-45-222-8259
  • Korea Office Contact Person: Grace Yang
    TEL: +82-2-553-3842
    FAX: +82-2-553-3846
    Mobile : +82-10-4590-0975
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