Progate Group Corporation

PGC (Progate Group Corporation) was founded in 1991. PGC is a certified member of TSMC Design Center Alliance (DCA) ASIC Service Partner. Headquarters is located in Neihu Technology Park Taipei(Taiwan). PGC taped-out successfully more than 1000 projects and produced several hundred million ICs in 30 years. PGC shipped IC products to hundreds of customers in Europe, USA, Japan, Israel, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, China and Taiwan. PGC continues making efforts to research and development of ASIC/SoC/IP Platform which is an innovative ASIC design turnkey provider. PGC also cooperate with TSMC’s partner VIS in long-term relationship to provide a variety of IP solutions to fulfill the diversified demands of customer targeted applications and promote competitive advantage of customer’s product. PGC provides Synopsys (ICC2) IC design turnkey service for TSMC 5nm. PGC is a value-added ASIC turnkey service provider for all customers in advanced technologies.

The applications include 3C products, Industrial Automatic Control, Aerospace, RF, Security, Storage, IoT, AI, MEMS, Networking, Automotive, Factory Automation, PLC, Medical, HPC, GPS, Communication, ADAS, FPGA, Multimedia, Smart meter, ASIC, IP Camera, 5G, CPU, Data Center, Machine Learning, AIoT, Image Processing, Biomedical, Edge Computing, Cloud Server, AR, VR, Drone, SoC, Edge AI, Sensor, Edge Server, Analog, SiP, Chiplets, High Voltage, ARM, USB, Electric Vehicle…etc. PGC establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many IP companies worldwide, therefore PGC has accumulated a lot of experiences in IP usage, integration and verification, also offers IP customization for customers. For design service, PGC offers SoC platforms of ARM-core or ANDES-core with peripheral IPs and high-speed interfaces, RTL coding and system integration. Synopsys (ICC2) IC design service flow for TSMC 5nm is fully integrated in PGC design environment.The major testers for turnkey testing solution and service of PGC are Credence D10, Chroma 3650 and Teradyne J750EX, etc. The turnkey testing solution and service includes testing program development service, chip probing service and IC final testing service at the engineering and mass production stage for customer.

Business Model
  • ASIC Turnkey Service ASIC Technology:
    12"(nm): 5nm, 7nm, 12nm, 16nm, 22nm, 28nm, 40nm, 55nm, 65nm, 90nm, Others
    8"(um): 0.11um, 0.13um, 0.15um, 0.18um, 0.25um, 0.35um, 0.5um, Others
  • ASIC Implementation Platform Service Spec-in, FPGA-in, RTL(Verilog, VHDL)-in, Netlist-in, GDSII-in, Chip(Performance, Low Power, Area, Cost), IR Drop, Synthesis, STA, Signal Integrity, APR Layout, Low Power Design, Power Domain, Clock Domain, DFT, ATPG, JTAG, BSD, Mem_BIST, IP_BIST, IBIS, LVS, DRC, Verification, Memory ECC, Memory Repair
  • MPW / CyberShuttle Service
  • Gate Array Turnkey Service
  • FPGA To ASIC Turnkey Service
  • MLM (Multi-Layer Mask) Turnkey Service
  • Embedded Flash Turnkey Service
  • High Voltage Turnkey Service
  • SoC Platform Turnkey Service ARM-based Platform; Andes-base Platform, Others
  • IP(Special I/O, High Speed Interface I/O, Mixed Signal, High Density Memory, Flash...) Design Service PLL, Special I/O, High Speed Interface I/O, ADC & DAC, High Density Memory;Customized IP, Modify, CPU Hardening
  • APR Layout Service(ICC2)
  • COT / Foundry Turnkey Service
  • SiP(System-in-Package) Turnkey Service
  • ASIC Product Turnkey Service(PGC + TSMC + ASE) Testing Program Development(Credence D10, Chroma 3650, Teradyne J750EX, Others), Logistic, WIP, CP, FT, MP, Package, Testing, Yield Improvement, Corner Run, RMA, Failure Analysis, Reliability, Wafer Allocation, Hot Run, Super Hot Run
Comprehensive IP Portfolio
  • CPU IP: ARM, ANDES, Others
  • Digital IP: ARM, ANDES, Cortex, WDC, UART, JPEG, H.264, H.265, 10/100/1000 MAC, USB2.0/USB3.0/USB3.1 Controller, DDR2/DDR3/DDR4, 8051, 6502, 16-bits MCU, 32-bits MCU, Others
  • Mixed Signal IP: ADC, DAC, Codec, PLL, Crystal Oscillator, LDO, POR, Bandgap, Voltage Regulator, Others
  • High Speed Interface PHY: USB2.0/USB3.0/USB3.1, DDR2/DDR3/DDR4, SATAI/II/III, PCIe, HDMI, XAUI, MIPI, SerDes, Others
  • Special I/O IP: I2C, 1394a IO, LVDS, PECL, SSTL-2, SSTL-18, SSTL-15, USB2.0/USB3.0/USB3.1, HSTC, PCI-X, 32K Crystal Oscillator, Others
  • Memory IP: SRAM, ROM, Flash, OTP, MTP, FUSE, EEPROM, Others
  • Analog IP: LDO, Buck/Boost PWM converter, PFC(Mixed/HV/BCD), Others
  • Customized IP (On Demand):
    Clocking: PLL, DLL, OSC, De-skew...
    ADC: PiPelined, SAR, Cyclic, Delta-sigma, Single-slope
    DAC: Current-mode, Voltage-mode
    AFE: PGA, Filter, CDS
    Others: LDO, LVDS, POR, VDT, Special I/O, High Speed Interface I/O, etc.
Contact Information
    TEL: +886-2-26582233
    FAX: +886-2-26580915
    Contact Person: Mr. Fred Lai / CEO
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