Uniquify Inc.

Uniquify Inc. provides design implementation services focused on high-performance, low power and advanced processes.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Uniquify Inc. provides leading edge complete ASIC design (Spec to GDSII) and IP solutions focusing on complex multi-million gate System-on-Chip designs. The company has a proven track record of successful tapeouts in joint SoC development projects leveraging 28/32nm, 40nm and 65nm technology nodes and Uniquify's Perseus Design Framework. ASIC Design Services:

  • Design specification
  • RTL design
  • Logic verification
  • FPGA Prototyping
  • DFT
  • Synthesis/STA
  • Physical design and Verification
  • Customizable DDRC 2133A – DDR2/DDR3 Memory Controller
  • mDDRC 400A- Mobile Memory Controller
  • DDR PHY 2133A- DFI Compliant DDR PHY with SCL™ technology
  • AXI 1066A- AXI Bus Interface • AHB 1066A- AHB Bus Interface
  • DDLL 1066A- Digital Delay Locked-Loop

Together, Uniquify's Engineers and Perseus embody the industry's experience, tool expertise, and implementation knowledge (process) to deliver your advanced designs to market on spec, on time and on budget; what we call our “Schedule and Cost Containment” guarantee.

We invite you to visit us at http://www.uniquify.com to learn more.

Design Service Portfolio
  • ASIC/SOC Design, Validation and Physical design Services
    • FPGA Prototyping
    • Logical Implementation
      • RTL design
      • Verification
      • DFT
      • Static Timing Analysis
    • Physical Implementation
      • Logic Synthesis
      • Floorplan
      • Chip Level Planning
      • Place & Route
      • DRC/LVS/ANT
      • Parasitic Extraction
      • Power Analysis
      • IR drop Analysis
      • Static Timing Analysis
      • Signal Integrity Analysis
    • Other services
      • ASIC Flow Development
      • IP hardening
      • Operations Consulting
IP Offerings Portfolio
  • IP Development, SoC IP Integration services
    • High speed memory controllers
      • DDR / DDR2 / DDR3 controller 
      • DFI Compliant PHY 
      • Mobile SDR/DDR Combo
    • High speed bus interface 
      • AHB bus interface 
      • AHB-APB bridge 
      • AXI bus interface 
      • AXI-AHB / ABridge
    • Digital DLL
    • Chip Debugging IP's
Contact Information
  • Uniquify Inc. 3375 Scott Blvd., Suite 206
    Santa Clara, CA 95054

    Contact person: Sam Kim
    Contact phone: Phone: (408) 235-8810 (x125)
    Email: sam@uniquify.com
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